Embrace embodies a multitude of meanings—to embrace is to welcome, to include, to champion, to accept, to take to one’s heart. As we reflect on this year of reconnecting as colleagues and collaborators and being present within our communities, we are thinking about how we continue to embrace our work with renewed focus and energy as we enter 2023.

Looking toward the new year, we asked BNIMers to share what they are in embracing in this holiday season and new year. Below are a few examples:

I embrace {peace}.
I embrace {activities and events that nurture the soul}.
I embrace {family}.
I embrace {different cultures and perspectives}.
I embrace {good friends}.
I embrace {local produce}.
I embrace {love of family and friends}.
I embrace {new challenges}.
I embrace {laughter}.
I embrace {balance}.
I embrace {exploring Kansas City}.
I embrace {my culture}.
I embrace {the beauty of simplicity}.
I embrace {time with family and friends}.
I embrace {humanity}.
I embrace {all}.


From BNIM, we wish you a wonderful, happy, and healthy holiday season.


What are you {embracing} this holiday season?

Let us know by responding on our social media platforms linked in the footer of this page along with #bnim_embrace