Future Flow Signage for Safety and Wellness

Future Flow Signage for Safety and Wellness

When BNIM first moved our offices online at the end of March in response to the rapidly evolving global health crisis, it was essential to quickly and effectively adapt to protect the health and well-being of our employees, clients, and community. Over the course of two months, the realities of how we interact both in social and professional settings has changed. As BNIM plans for re-entry back into our offices, we continue to adapt, learn from our employees, peers, and community leaders, and prepare for this new transition back to the workplace.

In the coming weeks, new guidelines and new mindsets will shape how workplaces operate. Our design approach will reflect a Future Flow, focusing on human health and wellness, adaptive spaces, and resiliency and performance.

How will things look different in the workplace? What measures can we take now to aid in this transition? Buildings are being adapted in new ways to facilitate a safe return to the workplace. Measures such as social distancing guidelines and optimization of resources such as hands-free technology and virtual meetings are some of the changes we might see in workplaces.

An instructional overlay can comfort and help us navigate these changes by identifying, orienting and informing us on how to enter, occupy, move around and exit spaces. The following four key sign types cover a range of conditions in a typical work or learning environment.

I Directional Signs

Entry processions and protocols are important for a safe transition into a building. Once inside the building, directional signs help users circulate into individual work or learning spaces, common resource spaces like breakrooms and essential spaces like restrooms.

II Identifier Signs

Occupancy of rooms is now limited by physical distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. Identifier signs that mark the new use and occupancy limit are vital for safety of the users.

III Informational or Instructional Signs

New rules of engagement in a previously familiar space can be clarified by instructional signs. These may differ based on each organization’s new guidance.

IV Physical Distance Markers

These are helpful to provide a sense of scale and distance in a communal space.


Please click on the image above or here to view a full set of these signs. Click here to view the signs in Spanish. BNIM is happy to share downloadable versions of both English and Spanish language signs with you or help you customize them to suit your brand. Sign up for a free download.