Illuminate the Future

This holiday season, we are celebrating the past 49 years of BNIM, recognizing the defining moments, milestones, and remarkable individuals who have shaped BNIM’s story and continue to shine a light on the path ahead.

Overlaying BNIM’s history is a series of integral themes that embody our core purpose and underscore BNIM’s commitment to sustainability and design.

Since 1970, BNIM staff have:

  • Embraced curiosity, forged new frontiers in design, and actively engaged in thought leadership initiatives within the sustainable design movement, emerging as agents of change
  • Acknowledged our responsibility to those at the heart of our projects, understanding that transforming environments can lead to transforming communities
  • Established the belief that “no one knows as much as everyone,” listening, learning, and redefining collaboration to achieve the most meaningful outcomes
  • Approached design with the philosophy of generous pragmatism, understanding that what a building does matters as much as how it looks
  • Drawn integral connections between the natural and built environment in designing for human vitality and weaving inside and out
  • Embodied the philosophy that Good Design is Good Business to help our clients experience growth and success in achieving their vision and goals
  • Focused on redesigning design for global resiliency in order to reshape the impact of our industry and create a resilient, sustainable future

These themes will continue to illuminate our next five decades as we work to deliver beautiful, integrated, living environments that inspire change and enhance the human condition. Thank you to our staff, clients, and collaborators for inspiring us everyday.

Together, let’s illuminate the future.