Insta-Insta-Insta: Instagram Inspiration

Gone are the days of taking trips to local photo centers and developing the enigmatic negatives from the family camera, only later to return and open that familiar yellow envelope unveiling each 4x6 glossy moment. Today the ‘need it now’ paradigm, as in most processes of to the digital revolution, has transformed photography into a medium as accessible as pen and paper (maybe even more so). Following the introduction of smartphones, capturing and sharing our life became as easy as the touch of a screen. As in many new technologies over the last decade this process was refined, replicated, and initiated into the trending world of social media. All you have to think is "selfie" to understand the proliferation of this phenomenon.

With its release in 2010, Instagram was the first social media app to capture the world of photo sharing—and it hasn’t loosened its grip since. The app's success is derived from its ability to make anyone with a smartphone feel like a photographer (for better or worse, however, is another discussion entirely).

One truth that’s certain in the ever-growing world of Instagram is its ability to enhance visual communication by providing a platform for individuals, artists, groups, businesses, and yes even the Vice President, to share the world they see.

We recently took some time to step back and observe this Insta-world at a local scale and gathered some of our favorite Kansas City Instagram-ers. These are people and profiles to watch because we're confident they will inspire you as well. From artists to bakers, fellow architects and makers, these profiles represent the innate qualities Instagram can curate for those curious enough to look.


Click the images below to explore some of the most inspirational Instagram-ers in Kansas City.


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Photo Credit (cover): Museum of Selfies