The Power of Mentorship: A Journey of Growth and Giving Back

The Power of Mentorship: A Journey of Growth and Giving Back

BNIM’s mindful blog is the place where we break down the walls of practice to share our experiences, insights, and reflections. Today, I want to take you on a journey through my roles as a student mentor, president of the Kansas State University (KSU) National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS), and my internship at BNIM. This journey has been shaped by my experiences as both a mentee and a mentor, and it all began with a desire to pay forward the guidance I received.

My journey into the world of mentorship started during my time at Kansas State University (KSU). I had the privilege of being mentored by both first-generation mentors and peer mentors. Their guidance and support left a profound impact on me, helping me navigate the challenging path of architecture school. These early experiences highlighted the importance of mentorship in personal and professional growth.

Inspired by the mentors who had shaped my academic experience, I joined NOMAS with the intention of making a positive impact on others, just as my mentors had done for me. As a peer mentor and first-generation mentor, I had the opportunity to guide and support fellow students. It was incredibly rewarding to see them flourish, knowing that I had played a part in supporting their success.

My dedication to mentorship continued to grow as I became the president of KSU NOMAS. In this role, I had the privilege of leading the organization and fostering a community of support for minority architecture students. Additionally, I served as a Kansas State University Kompass mentor, mentoring four students through their academic and personal challenges. These experiences allowed me to witness the transformational power of mentorship firsthand.

Transitioning from school to the professional world can be daunting, but I was fortunate to have an advocate, Carleigh Pope, who helped ease my transition into BNIM. Carleigh's mentorship was instrumental in my professional growth. Her guidance, support, and willingness to share her expertise have made my journey at BNIM incredibly positive. Carleigh isn't just a colleague; she's a lifelong mentor I'm grateful to have in my corner.


Image courtesy NOMAKC

In my recent role as a moderator for a panel discussion for the NOMA KC Career Builder Series, I had the opportunity to emphasize the importance of mentorship in the architecture profession. My journey from a mentee to a mentor, from leading KSU NOMAS to thriving at BNIM, showcases the significant impact that mentorship can have on an individual's life and career.

Mentorship is a two-way street, a dynamic exchange of knowledge, support, and inspiration. It's about giving back to the community that has shaped us while continuing to learn and grow ourselves. Through mentorship, we can break down barriers, foster diversity, and empower the next generation of architects. It's a journey worth embarking on—one that I am grateful to have experienced and will continue to embrace in the future.