Sculpting Light: Construction Updates on The REACH

Before finish installation begins at The REACH at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, the form in its raw state is revealed. Complex geometry, combined with innovative construction techniques, result in a uniquely poetic experience. BNIM, as Architect of Record, is responsible for ensuring the design is achieved to its full, intended potential. As our team members walk the site, we visualize the components yet to fall into place.

Guest Post: A Different Type of Building

We often say, “BNIM is Building Positive.” This phrase describes how we leverage our collective knowledge and design-thinking to solve global issues and build the positive attributes of community. Typically, we use this phrase to describe challenges within the built environment. However, Building Positive also requires that we examine our own office culture — and the culture in which we all work — to see how we can better support each other to ensure collective success.