A decade of the Bloch Building, a Kansas City arts milestone

This year marks 10 years since a unique moment of international attention was bestowed upon Kansas City. On a sunny day in June 2007, Henry Bloch and others were hoisted into the air in the bucket of a construction lift to celebrate the opening of the Bloch Building expansion at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

In retrospect, this new building and the decisions leading to the selection of its architect, Steven Holl, for a commission far different from his past portfolio were a result of true civic leadership and vision.

Serious Fun: How Tech Companies Are Using Landscape Architecture to Attract Talent | Q&A with Aaron Ross

Catching up with Aaron Ross after his presentation at the ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo, the following Q&A explores the session "Serious Fun: How Tech Companies Are Using Landscape Architects to Attract Talent." Ross represented BNIM and was joined by Renee Bihan, FASLA, SWA Group and Steven Spears, FASLA, Design Workshop, Inc. The session covered BNIM's Pacific Center Campus project, examining how design can appeal to human nature to attract and retain the best tech talent through integrated work environments.