BNIM's Eleven COTE Top Ten Projects

As a founding member of the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) and the establishment of the AIA COTE Top Ten Awards, we are continually thrilled by the quality of projects and number of designers committed to building in a similar manner, with a focus on performance metrics as a major driver of design excellence. The annual awards program, which AIA calls “the best-known recognition program for sustainable design excellence,” launched in 1997.

Sculpting Light: Construction Updates on The REACH - II

Before finish installation begins at The REACH at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, the form in its raw state is revealed. Complex geometry combined with innovative construction techniques result in a uniquely poetic experience. BNIM — as architect of record — is responsible for ensuring the design is achieved to its full, intended potential. As our team members walk the site, we visualize the components yet to fall into place.

Miesblock Veil: Illuminating Modernism

Des Moines is a special place with a rich history and identity. In regard to the architectural moments that shape this unique city, the Miesblock project establishes a conversation with the adjacent Catholic Pastoral Center building designed by Mies van der Rohe Architects, which was constructed 1962 as the Home Federal Savings and Loan building and renovated in 2018.

The Measure of Influence

2013 marks the 35th year of CEO and Design Director, Steve McDowell’s tenure at BNIM. During these 35 years 596 people have journeyed through this institution, crossing paths with Steve. Only something made by hand seemed to match the magnitude of Steve’s caring influence and allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the care and craft that he has shown to each person who crossed his path.

White Space

Annick Ibsen, 2013, The Three Graces | Installation at BNIM Iowa

What is it?

· It might be the void
· It might be the unassigned
· It might be silence
· It might be darkness
· It might be real
· It might be virtual
· It might be imagined
· It might be the unexplained
· It might be the obvious
· It might not be…

Where is it?

Is it important?

Remembering Allen Eskew

We at BNIM celebrate not only the life we will miss, but also the life that was lived making a difference in a remarkable community. A true generous pragmatist, Allen’s work, life and legacy inspire all of us.

We cannot continue to see ourselves as aesthetic stylists without being rooted in our community and in our buildings’ performance.
-Allen Eskew (1948-2013)

Allen was an admired colleague and one for whom I had great respect. In conversation or on a design jury, I always left the better. I will miss his smile.
-Rod Kruse

Key Notes from Greenbuild 2013

Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia set a welcome new tone for the green building movement. Gone is the doe-eyed optimism of the initial rush to the movement; gone is the recent combative anger of a company under attack from industrial interest groups. We instead found an emerging conversation about serving the underserved, net-zero design based as much on occupant behavior as in building improvements and a dialogue between preservation and sustainability (including a repeated assertion from Secretary Clinton about the overwhelming need for green renovations and retrofits).

Fall Design Awards Season

Fall is what we call “design awards season,” where our own projects, and projects by firms we greatly admire, are judged for design excellence by peers. It’s always an exciting and rewarding time for the teams who work so hard to realize exceptional architecture.

AIA Kansas City

Data and Design

We have seen the dawn of the Digital Age, and now we live it every day. While advances in technology continue to grow with increasing frequency, this is no longer a new world to us. We all have computers, smart phones are common, and we work and play wireless even to the point where our pens and refrigerators are computerized. The practice of architecture is slowly beginning to take advantage of these leaps in technology by advancing the design process into the digital realm.