Subject to Change

Future Flow - Return to a Resilient Normal

Even before the pandemic, climate action required of humanity a new way of living – a way that is less consumptive and destructive, and more regenerative and generous. While still acknowledging the horrible human suffering that the pandemic has wreaked and the societal inequities that it has laid bare, it has also given us a glimpse into how our global community can respond in unison and with care for each other ... with generosity and within a different kind of flow.

Measuring Charity Hospital

In 1938, the art-deco style Charity Hospital was constructed to expand the public healthcare resources available to the City of New Orleans. Charity was a teaching hospital that stood as a beacon of hope for many in the community. Following Hurricane Katrina, the one-million square foot building was shuttered and still stands vacant today, leaving an emptiness in what was once a bustling area of the City.

A Specification to Meet Every Need

More than ever before, project documentation procedures face increased constraints by timelines, clients, delivery methods, project types, and municipalities. As part of BNIM’s Redesigning Design efforts, we are synthesizing our specification process from a one-size-fits-all approach to an approach that employs various, distinct specification tactics and related templates. This is BNIM’s plan to support an efficient construction process for everyone involved.

Illuminate the Future

This holiday season, we are celebrating the past 49 years of BNIM, recognizing the defining moments, milestones, and remarkable individuals who have shaped BNIM’s story and continue to shine a light on the path ahead.

Overlaying BNIM’s history is a series of integral themes that embody our core purpose and underscore BNIM’s commitment to sustainability and design.

Since 1970, BNIM staff have:

Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway

Some time ago, during the intense discussions about naming a Kansas City street after Dr. King, some thoughtful person proposed that the thoroughfare to be named should be 1-435. I thought that was a great and appropriate suggestion worthy of debate. I don’t know the name of the individual who made this suggestion – they should get credit - but I would like to expand on that idea.