Point or Nonpoint Source: Educating KC Children about Water

When BNIM invited us to collaborate on their project with the Water Services Department, we were delighted. We already knew about the importance of water and how most of us take the health of our water supply for granted. We also knew how important it is to educate children as soon as possible about local (and global) issues that will affect their world tremendously both now and in the future.

Architecture + Archaeology

In the cold January of 1910, a construction worker prepared a new school floor underlayment, using the morning’s newspaper to fill imperfections in the wood sleepers before pouring vermiculite to fill the space below the new wood floor. In the alternately warm and cold January of 2013, construction workers are preparing this same floor — at the Bancroft School in Kansas City, MO — for its new life as a LEED Platinum affordable apartment.

Reflections from Halifax

Dalhousie University’s School of Architecture and Planning celebrated its annual “Professional Practice Week” from January 21, 2013 – to January 25, 2013 and I was fortunate to represent BNIM for one of the week’s plenary sessions.

The session’s theme was “Collaborating with the Public; Advocating for the Social,” and it began with public lectures from Simon Allford, Director at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) and myself.

Greg Sheldon, FAIA

BNIM is thrilled to announce our newest Fellow, Greg Sheldon!!

What makes Greg so exceptional, you might ask? Well, aside from his excellent taste in wine, his endearing personality and his wonderful family, he's a pretty darned good architect, too.

Let us share a few things about Greg.

We have no doubt that by the last line of this tidy little summary of Greg's career, you'll be cheering for him too. Congratulations, Greg!!

Nurture and Symbiosis

In 2007, BNIM embarked on two book projects to share how the integrated design process shaped two highly sustainable projects at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston: The School of Nursing and Student Community Center and the Fayez S. Sarofim Research Building.

KC Arts Renaissance: An update

Last Monday, there were many reasons to take time out and celebrate, including to recognize the arts as a lead player in the on-going transformation of Kansas City. 250-people gathered near Union Station, at the Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity, for a community celebration of not only midtown Kansas City’s own creative powerhouse, but to celebrate the power and promise of the arts to propel our community forward.

Why is Kansas City so Hot?

Last week I was in a meeting at the State Department in Washington, D.C. This is not a place that I regularly hang out, but we were there being interviewed by the State Department for overseas Embassy design commissions. They were eager to learn more about BNIM and at some point in the session the head of planning blurted out, "What is going on in Kansas City? Why is Kansas City so hot? Why are we hearing so much about architecture, art and music emanating from Kansas City?"