[email protected] presents Michael Brake’s show of works entitled Visceral Pirouette

Artist reception: Friday, July 20, 5-8 p.m.
Please join us to celebrate this artist and his work!
106 W. 14th Street (the Historic Power and Light Building on the corner of Baltimore)
Kansas City, Missouri

Artist’s Statement:
Our minds absorb thousands of snapshots each day, with one person’s set being vastly different from another's. Our brains process what they can and must, pinging off our memories, allowing us to efficiently move through space and time, and to connect with the demands of our personalized existence. The vast majority of our daily experiences barely register and simply fall through the cracks.

Utilizing discarded snapshots of overlooked reality as a foundation I have cultivated this series- an engagement in media and perspective- to elicit a wide gamut of interpretation. Like Rorschach inkblots, the viewer will divine from the images whatever their own subconscious minds can conjure.

Reflecting audience feedback, this series shifts some control to the viewer through the gradual rotation of each piece over the course of the show - 90 degrees at a time - allowing for shifting perspectives and composition; these concepts define the title of the show, “Visceral Pirouette.”

About Michael Brake:
Michael Brake has a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and has shown in galleries in the area over twenty years. He lives and works in Kansas City. Please see Michael’s website for more about his work: http://www.brakepress.com/

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