2018 AIA Kansas City Design Excellence Awards

BNIM was recognized with three awards at the AIA Kansas City Design Excellence Awards last night. Jacobs Well received an Honor Award, Asilong Christian High School received an Honor Award, and Makers Quarter Block D received a Merit Award. Jury members included Matthew Kreilich, FAIA, of Snow Kreilich Architects; Jennifer Newsom, AIA, of Dream the Combine; and Jennifer Yoos, FAIA, of VJAA. Members had the following to say about the winning projects:

Jacobs Well Addition:
“We really appreciated the integration of building and landscape; the building section of the addition is really wonderful. It really creates strong uses and connections between the old and the new. From the interior of the new building you really get interesting perspectives to the existing and there’s a really strong presence of the original architecture in the new. It’s very respectful, very modest, but really well detailed. The quality of craft and thought that was put into it was really exceptional.” —Jennifer Yoos, FAIA, VJAA

Makers Quarter Block D:
“We really liked the project in terms of its massing; the developments of the façade to break down scale, to respond to the environment, and also to create a very active, lively presence on the street. The use of these perimeter, inside/outside spaces to activate the exterior both on the street level and as you move up [...] were nicely developed. We really appreciated this project.” —Jennifer Yoos, FAIA, VJAA

Asilong Christian High School:
“This project really demonstrates how architecture can be a force for good in the community. We really appreciated the social mission of this project. The execution of this project [was] built off local traditions and ways of working with traditional materials but really added functionality, longevity, durability to that expression. We also really loved the simplicity of the form and the thinness of the metal roof coursing over the top of the entire structure. It was really just a beautiful solution to the programmatic need and the social needs of that community.” —Jennifer Newsom, AIA, Dream the Combine

Congratulations to the teams!