Achieving Rapid Decarbonization and a Just Transition

Achieving Rapid Decarbonization and a Just Transition

BNIM Principal Joyce Raybuck presented at the USGBC Impact Conference in Minneapolis, MN, on "Empowering Change: Lessons in Climate Advocacy and Policy." The presentation addressed the political challenges U.S. cities face in achieving rapid decarbonization and a Just Transition. Joyce shared successful case studies, offering insights on engaging in climate action, advocating for change, and driving community transformation along with Ashley Sadowski, Building Energy Exchange Kansas City,  Marla Thalheimer, Senior Director, Business Engagement , Institute for Market Transformation, and Adrienne Haynes, SEED Collective. The same panel will present this session under the title, "How You Can Advance Climate Action with a People-First Approach," at an ILFI webinar on June 13, 11am-12pm.

Learning objectives for this session included:

1. Investigate how decarbonization intersects with policy, social justice issues, health, and wealth and the impacts of political headwinds.

2. Discover how the fractured real estate ecosystem impacts climate plan implementation and equitable market transformation,

3. Identify steps to build partnerships for effective advocacy efforts, understanding the roles architects and the allied fields can play in advancing policy.

4. Identify social, economic, and environmental levers that can accelerate decarbonization and drive change.

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