BNIM Rides and Raises for Bike MS

BNIM Rides and Raises for Bike MS

BNIM members hopped on their bikes to ride a total of 1,340 miles to fight MS at the BikeMS Kansas City event September 28th-29th. This is an event we are passionately dedicated to and the team was able to raise over $8,600 toward cure initiatives to fight MS. Here are just a few stats showing how amazing our team performed: 


Combined 80 hours of moving time.

Maximum speed of 37.5 MPH.

Average speed of the fastest group was 17.2 MPH.

3,851 feet of elevation gain on Saturday.

6,668 feet of elevation gain on Sunday (with a 13mph headwind).

Over 600,000 calories burned.

385,000 turns of the pedal.

Over 25 gallons of sports drink and water consumed.

And a little over a few celebratory beers.


Congratulations to all of those who participated to fight MS.