BNIM Symposium 2017: Revealing who we are through our work

This year's Symposium pulled back the curtain to reveal the full spectrum of BNIM to share the success stories, hidden talents, and diverse perspectives that serve as the basis of our design practice. Through revealing ourselves, we find an inner spirit that tells others what we are really about in order to elevate our work to higher levels.

Through our daylong session of reveals as well as moments of laughing, emotion,  mindfulness, introspection, inspiration, we were reminded of our shared human experience. We were reminded that life is beautful. If we keep our eyes open to the possibilities, it will inform our purpose. Each of us are at BNIM because we are passionate and curious. We believe in the power of intentional design. Together, we have a powerful resource to be change-makers that are looking forward and reimagining our common future. 

The 2017 Symposium reminded us of the meaning of an open dialogue, the significance of holding ourselves accoutable, and the importance of setting great goals so that we can count upon one another — our greatest resource — to build shared experiences and create a better world.