Candidate for 2021-2023 AIA At-Large Director

Candidate for 2021-2023 AIA At-Large Director

Regenerative and Resilient Design for and by All

While my academic and professional experience has roots on both coasts, most of my architectural practice has been from the heartland. Resiliency in design is critical (and possible!) everywhere, as much in the Great Plains as on the coasts, from northern climes to the deep south. AIA can help with that.

Architectural Education

Understanding the deep connection between nature and human nature should be bolstered in our formal education. Transformation of architectural education will require different skills and talents of our future architects in a world of active climate change … from technical knowledge to design culture to technology and more. Further, transitioning to practice – into firms of all sizes, geographies, cultures – should be a smooth continuum of knowledge and skills growth. AIA can help with that.


From emerging to mid-career to emeritus, all architects benefit from supporting one another throughout the trajectory of a demanding career. AIA’s commitment to climate action means we need to collectively support and encourage real change through partnerships and sharing of knowledge, research, tools, and practices that empower each other. AIA can help with that.

Climate action simply means recommitting our work to support resilient built and human environments.
My commitment is to ensure that AIA’s actions are durable, that our advocacy supports this work, and that we provide leadership and support to the full breadth of our members. It’s a big table; all are welcome.


Laura Lesniewski, AIA