Craig Scranton, Joyce Raybuck and Jeremy Knoll Speak at UMKC Real Estate Symposium

BNIM’s Principal Craig Scranton, Associate Principal Joyce Raybuck and Associate Principal Jeremy Knoll spoke at the UMKC Real Estate Virtual Symposium on March 10. The audience of commercial real estate professionals and individuals in the Kansas City development community learned about trends in sustainable design and development that are beneficial to the community.

This virtual symposium helped bring awareness and understanding to the feasibility of sustainable design trends and how to create communities with equity and affordability in mind as well. The BNIM team discussed what it looks like to build for a changing climate and what trends and risks to look out for. The group of three also. discussed how LEED and Well programs should be used as a guide when it comes to creating a sustainable community.

For more on BNIM’s commitment to sustainable, equitable and affordable housing check out our blog post with more resources here.