Danielle Buttacavoli Named BNIM's Pacific Studio Director

Danielle Buttacavoli Named BNIM's Pacific Studio Director

The year 2020 marks an important time of leadership transition in our San Diego Pacific Studio. Danielle Buttacavoli AIA AICP  was recently named Pacific Studio Director. A registered architect and certified planner, Danielle is known for creating environments that elevate learning, workplace effectiveness, and civic life. Through her work at BNIM, she has been a strong advocate for providing access to quality housing for all. Her clients and team appreciate all that she brings to each project, and within the Pacific Studio, the team is committed to her positive, constructive, and results-focused leadership.

Danielle’s skills and passions, coupled with her tested leadership capabilities, align perfectly with BNIM’s core purpose. We are confident that she will be instrumental in helping BNIM serve our clients, projects, and communities. She is moving forward in her new role with the support of her talented and committed core team – Frederik Heuser, Jeff Marsch, Matt Lechowicz, Cisy Cao and Claire Im. Together, they are looking forward to contributing to San Diego and beyond through innovative planning and architecture.

Success through an Alignment of Values

In 2007, BNIM opened the Pacific Studio of BNM in San Diego to better serve our clients in San Diego and other parts of California, including a campus masterplan and two major research and workplace buildings for a San Diego-based Fortune 500 Company and two large-scale projects at UCLA.

This past November, BNIM was recognized as the No. 1 firm in the U.S. for Sustainability and No. 2 for both Designand Overall within the prestigious Architect50 rankings. The projects evaluated for this recognition spanned the globe, including two of our recent projects in the San Diego area – Makers Quarter Block D and the Maintenance and Operations Complex at Palomar Community College. We attribute this recognition to our collaborations with our clients in California and other peers and contributors from the region.

Indeed, we attribute our success as a national firm to the alignments we share with our clients and communities. Our core purpose is: We deliver beautiful, integrated, living environments that inspire change and enhance the human condition. Beautiful spaces. Integrated, high-performance systems. Environments that are biomimetic and connect with nature. Human-purposed design. These elements define our work at BNIM, and they are fundamental to the California ethos.

Continuing a Legacy of Positive Impact through BNIM’s Pacific Studio

As thought leaders in our industry, BNIM has pioneered the sustainable design movement for more than three decades. Twenty years ago, we began collaborating with the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in Los Altos on replicable sustainable design leadership strategies that have been used throughout our industry to address issues of human health, climate, carbon, resilience, and building technologies. The Living Building Challenge, Well Building, and other initiatives were inspired by the Packard findings. BNIM has applied the results of this research in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Berkeley as well as across the globe.

Throughout California, we have found clients and peers who are addressing society’s most significant problems. Higher education clients are investing in a long-life, loose-fit solutions that adapt to changing educational and research needs. Municipalities and civic leaders are committed to solving the housing crisis. Communities are actively engaged in addressing pollution, climate change, wildfires, and water shortages. BNIM has been part of each of these initiatives.

Our 13 years in California lends us enough time to be retrospective and to see the positive impacts of our investments in the higher education systems, municipalities, and communities here. More importantly, we have clarity about the impacts we need to make through our future efforts.

Thus, as we enter this new year, a new decade, and BNIM’s next 50 years, we are refocused and recommitted to Building Positive, in California and beyond.