The Harkin Institute: Universal Inclusion and eco-Wellness

Jason Kruse and Kevin Nordmeyer conducted a workshop on the Harkin Institute's ideals of universal inclusion and eco-wellness at the 2019 AIA Iowa Fall Convention.

The Harkin Institute (THI) promotes understanding of the issues to which former Senator Tom Harkin devoted his career, including his historic legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Institute will go beyond the ADA to set a new standard for universal and inclusive design. The presentation will describe universal design strategies which go beyond the accessibility minimums set by the ADA, and strategies for inclusive design the ADA does not address. The presentation will also discuss how the project goes above and beyond code to promote environmental wellness, including stormwa- ter bio-management and energy use.

By attending this workshop participants will be able to: Universal Design Project Planning: The engagement process that informed the development of the design. Universal Design Strategies: Description of strategies employed at The Harkin Institute which will support a greater variety of users and empower them to safely and enjoyably engage with and navigate within the space. Inclusive Design Case Study: Direct-access gender inclusive restroom model designed for The Harkin Institute, including path of compliance for Des Moines PDC. Environmental Wellness: Strategies to promote a healthy envi- ronment, including stormwater management on-site, energy model- ing process, and energy use strategies.