James Pfeiffer presents as panelist in "Safe Reopening for Higher Education" Webinar

James Pfeiffer joined fellow industry peers and higher education experts in a collaborative discussion during the “Safe Reopening for Higher Education” webinar hosted by KC Global Design, KC Rising, and KC Scholars on May 21. The webinar featured guidance and advice from the facility design perspective, tools to ensure campus safety, and importance of psychological safety and confidence as higher education institutions plan for the future.

In his presentation of guidance for higher education from a design perspective, James discussed  ‘Long Life, Loose Fit' buildings and creating hybrid spaces that blend with online learning and provide opportunities for innovation/invention, such as Bloch Executive Hall. He explained, “This time calls on each of us to design a better future together.”

James also discussed utilizing a phased approach for re-opening, emphasizing design for continuity and resiliency by keeping the following goals in mind:

  • Human Health, Wellness, and Safety
  • Maximize Value, Minimize Waste
  • Adaptability


View the recorded webinar session of "Safe Reopening for Higher Education" on the KC Global Design wesbite.