James Pfeiffer Speaks at KC Chamber: COVID-19, Technology and the Future of Work

Principal James Pfeiffer joined Jeffrey Brown, head of technology policy for the Bertlesmann Foundation along with two other panelists in a discussion on COVID-19’s impact on technology and the workplace. Tanya Madam, Senior Director for Emerging Business at T-Mobile, Shonda Atwater, Workforce Manager at Metropolitan Community College and James discussed their approach to adapting in a COVID-19 workplace and answered questions on how technology has helped to shape their company’s work from home experience.

In his answers, James discusses BNIM’s approach to maintaining a collaborative environment while working remotely and how technology has been adjusted to meet the needs of individuals. He also discusses how the pandemic has helped emphasize the importance of a flexible office environment and how this will shape the future of the work place.

This panel is available to watch on YouTube here. For a more in-depth look on BNIM’s future of work please visit Future Flow.