Janell Rock Serves as Panelist at Wellness by Design Forum

Director of Design for Interiors Janell Rock will be serving as a panelist at the Healthy KC Networking Forum: Wellness by Design on Thursday, November 1. The forums are held quarterly as part of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Healthy KC Initiative and share best practices in positively impacting wellbeing in the workplace. The fourth quarter forum topic is based on evolving wellness standards, and how intentional design can have a direct impact on employee health and wellness, and positively impacting productivity, engagement and morale.

Within the discussion, Janell will share BNIM’s human-purposed integrated design (HPid) methodology, which reflects a deep commitment to humanity as the origin of inspiration, and design innovation. Human Purposed Integrated Design supports invaluable human insight by focusing on specific needs that can be met and enhanced through inspired design. Read more about how we utilize HPid in workplace design here.

The forum was moderating by Erika Moody, principal at Helix Architecture + Design, and additional panelists included Jane Schuster, workplace program specialist at the GSA; Chris Hawkins, Chief Wellness Officer at Pro Athlete; and Stacy Roth, vice president of strategy and engagement at Scott Rice.