Jeremy Knoll Announced Associate

We are thrilled to announce Jeremy Knoll, LEED AP, as BNIM’s newest associate. A number of our staff across OneBNIM were recognized during our advancement celebration this past January as incredible representatives of the firm, both internally and externally; they are respected by their peers and demonstrate a results-oriented approach to our work. Jeremy has served as a strong advocate, technical expert, and thought leader on sustainable design, developing education programs, and new approaches to streamlining integration of LEED and other sustainable methodologies into the practice of BNIM.

Externally Jeremy has established the Central Plains Emerging Professionals Committee, co-founded and led a successful non-profit. He has engaged and inspired students of all ages to take on the urgent climate-based challenges we all face each and every day, both in our communities as well as our industry at large. Jeremy has consistently brought people together to connect the dots, resulting in unexpected partnerships that yield incredible results. Several weeks ago, Jeremy received confirmation he successfully passed his final architectural registration exam, also making him BNIM’s newest licensed architect. Congratulations and thank you, Jeremy!