Jeremy Knoll presents on Regenerative Design at VERGE 22 Building Program in San Jose, CA

Jeremy Knoll presents on Regenerative Design at VERGE 22 Building Program in San Jose, CA

BNIM’s Director of Sustainability and Regenerative Design, Jeremy Knoll, will present at VERGE 22’s Building Program in San Jose, CA, taking place Oct. 25 – 27. VERGE 22 is the leading climate tech event that aims to accelerate solutions with more than 400 thought leaders and practitioners addressing the climate crisis across six strategic areas: clean energy, sustainable transportation, carbon removal, regenerative food systems, net-zero buildings, and the startup ecosystem. Jeremy will participate in the Climate Resilient Buildings Through Regenerative Design panel session on Oct. 26 at 4:15 – 5:15 p.m. PT.

About this session:

What if instead of designing buildings to minimize negative impacts in a changing climate, we leveraged them to actually improve the communities and environments they inhabit? This is the ethos and promise of regenerative design. While a growing number of buildings are being designed using these principles, trade-offs between resilience, efficiency and sustainability arise when employing regenerative design techniques.

In this session, regenerative building practitioners will unpack and describe how they navigate these tensions and reframe problems as opportunities. Those working directly on regenerative design projects will explore several real-world projects. They will unpack the benefits, challenges and possibilities of regenerative building design and construction using real-life examples.

Learn how this approach to design can reduce utility costs, improve tenant satisfaction and reduce downtime during extreme weather events. (Source VERGE 22)

Learn more on the VERGE 22 Website.