Jeremy Knoll is Speaking at BayREN Forum: Responding to Climate Challenges: Energy Efficient Homes in a Wildfire-prone Region

BNIM’s Associate Principal Jeremy Knoll will be speaking at the BayREN Virtual Forum on Thursday March 18. In the past year the Bay Area Counties have been affected by wildfires and smoke, this three hour forum will discuss how built environments can respond to these sorts of challenges while also reducing contributions to climate change. With the main focus being on residential buildings, the audience will be educated on topics such as fire resistance and energy efficiency of different home vintages, air sealing and indoor air quality to combat smoke and local Bay Area experiences with rebuilding after wildfires.

Jeremy will be discussing the possible risks and next steps for each community when they begin to rebuild, including the design and construction of new homes and the upgrades and retrofits of existing ones to make these communities more resilient.

Speakers will include:

Jeremy Knoll, BNIM Architects
Woody Delp, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues LLC
Bob Renton, Henderson Engineers 
Scott Salyer, Sonoma Clean Power

This virtual forum will take place on Zoom from 9am – 12pm PST. For more details on how to register click here.