Kemper Military School Campus Redevelopment Agreement Approved

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (March 17, 2008)—A proposal to begin transforming the Kemper Military School Campus into a green redevelopment project was approved last night by Boonville, Missouri city leaders. The Boonville City Council approved an option contract with Kemper Development LLC, a Kansas City-based real estate development firm. Under the agreement, the development group will exclusively market the property for redevelopment in an effort to secure end users for the historic campus. BNIM will work closely with Kemper Development on the sustainable master planning and other architectural aspects of the project.

“We are pleased with Kemper Development’s commitment to maintaining the historic features of the property while embarking on an aggressive search for the right occupants for the campus,” said Ned Beach, board president of the Boonville’s Industrial Development Authority. “This agreement will create new jobs, attract new residents and increase our tax revenues while retaining the heritage of this National landmark.”

Founded in 1844, Kemper was the oldest military academy west of the Mississippi before it closed in 2002. The City of Boonville bought the 50-acre site in 2003 for about $500,000. The campus’ 10 buildings comprise nearly 220,000 square feet of space, which makes it a prime location for mixed use or a larger single entity. Kemper Development is looking at educational, research, governmental and commercial uses that together or individually create a unique historic campus environment that supports the approach of making a unique campus of historic and ecological significance for Boonville and central Missouri.

“It is essential that we set the tone for an inclusive process in master planning—partnering with the City of Boonville to establish direction and working with the Kemper Military School alumni to accomplish their goals and preserve their heritage,” said Neil Uebelein, managing member, Kemper Development LLC. “The best single example we can point to in terms of quality and vision is the Hotel Frederick renovation in Boonville.” The Hotel Frederick redevelopment was completed in 2007 by Adam Jones, a founding member of Kemper Development LLC.

From rural to urban America, BNIM brings its long-standing green vision and planning capabilities to projects across the country, including important sustainability projects in New Orleans, La. and Kansas City, Mo. The rebuilding of a cleaner and greener Greensburg, Kansas, is being led by BNIM, working together with city, state and federal agencies. Planning work is about to begin on the Kansas City Greater Downtown Area Plan, with the objective of integrating neighborhoods surrounding Downtown's central business district and promoting community connections. In addition, the firm is working with the City of Kansas City, Mo. on the Green Solutions Integration project to integrate green and sustainable stormwater management infrastructure solutions into the policies, procedures and operations of the City.