Lutheran Church of Hope-Grimes wins an American Architecture Award

Lutheran Church of Hope-Grimes wins an American Architecture Award

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design has awarded over 120 new buildings, commercial and institutional developments, landscape architecture, and urban planning projects from 43 nations for The American Architecture Awards for 2020. BNIM's Lutheran Church of Hope-Grimes is one of three Religious Buildings that received an American Architecture Award this year. Also awarded are Saint Mary’s College High School Student Chapel in Albany, California, and Garden Chapel Pavilion in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The American Architecture Awards give an important overview of the current aesthetic direction of today’s commercial, corporate, institutional, and residential work in the United States to the real estate, banking, business, and corporate community, as well as to the press and general public.

 The program is one of the Museum’s most important public education outreach initiatives produced throughout the year―to both the Museum’s U.S. and international audience. The American Architecture Awards are dedicated to the recognition of excellence in architecture and urbanism in the United States. The program awards pays tribute to new developments in design and underscores the directions and understanding of current cutting-edge processes consistent with today’s design thinking. 

Lutheran Church of Hope –Grimes is a satellite facility of a large, multi-campus Evangelical Lutheran Church in the heart of Iowa. The 21,150 square-foot building serves as a community and worship center for a fast-growing congregation within an expanding rural community.

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