New BTI Greensburg Dealership Receives Platinum LEED Certification

Kansas City, Mo. and Lenexa, Kan. (July 30, 2009) — BNIM, along with John Deere, announces that the recently rebuilt BTI Greensburg dealership in Greensburg, Kan. has received the platinum level of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Building Design) certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The platinum level certification is the highest level Green Building Rating available and is the nationally accepted benchmark for design, construction and operation of green buildings. The John Deere dealership was completely destroyed by a tornado on May 4, 2007, along with the rest of the town of Greensburg.

According to Mike Estes, general manager for the BTI Greensburg dealership, the new 28,500-square-foot facility was built to LEED platinum standards as part of the overall reconstruction of the city and Kiowa County, and for the obvious environmental and business benefits.

“Most of the other buildings in Greensburg have been rebuilt to various LEED standards and we wanted our dealership to participate in the ‘Greensburg Green Town’ theme,” Estes says. “We decided to rebuild to platinum level certification to serve as a model for other businesses in the community, as well as for other John Deere dealerships that might want to use some of these greener technologies in their facilities.”

Estes adds that incorporating the LEED standards into the new facility has turned out to make “good business sense” for the dealership. “We’ve utilized more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in everything from the building to the landscaping. In addition, we’ve significantly reduced water usage, electricity and maintenance needs, and we’ve created a very attractive, bright and inviting retail and service facility that customers seem to enjoy.”

LEED certification facts about the BTI Greensburg dealership:
• Uses 51.5 percent less electricity than code-required minimum performance, which saves 161,911 kWh annually – enough electricity to power 14 homes for one year.
• 18,600 kWh are produced on-site by two wind turbines.
• 64 tons of the 73 tons of construction waste were diverted from landfill for re-use and recycling.
• Uses 48.8 percent less water than code-required minimum, saving 38,750 gallons of water annually.
• Utilizes low VOC carpet, paints, and sealants throughout the facility to ensure healthy indoor air quality.
• Has 23 skylights in the retail and service areas to utilize natural lighting as much as possible.

In addition, John Deere has incorporated many of the energy and environmental building design concepts from BTI Greensburg into its John Deere Place Dealer Facility Program so that other dealerships can replicate the designs at their facilities.

BNIM of Kansas City, MO served as sustainable design consultant and administrator of the LEED documentation process. The building was designed by Landmark Architects of Hutchinson, KS. PEC Engineers served as the engineers for the facility and it was constructed by HASTCO Construction of Emporia, KS.

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