Springfield Art Museum Groundbreaking

Springfield Art Museum Groundbreaking

On Friday March 26th at 3pm CST, the Springfield Art Museum is hosting a small in-person, socially distanced groundbreaking. Members of the Museum as well as city leadership will be in attendance and a virtual groundbreaking will take place at a later date. This 30 year master plan will transform the Museum into a 21st century civic asset. This will include the expansion of educational and public space and creating strong physical and aesthetic connections between the Museum grounds, adjacent park and greenway trail. 

“We determined that whatever would be designed for our future must foster collaboration between the museum and its many community partners; honor the history and character of the museum, its immediate surroundings and the larger Ozarks community; promote inclusion by not only providing greater physical accessibility but also by creating spaces that are friendly and welcoming; be innovative, embracing the unexpected and identifying cost-effective solutions; engage nature and the outdoors with the understanding that the natural environment is a fundamental part of our community’s identity; and be practical, focusing on environmental and fiscal responsibility, stewardship, and sustainability." 
Nick Nelson, Museum Director

The Springfield Art Museum has been an innovative leader during the challenging past year. 10,000 families have been served with tactile art projects for in-home learning projects being delivered throughout the community. This is a testament to the critical services the Museum delivers. The master plan is crafted to nurture and support continued service by the Museum.

“The Springfield Art Museum breaks ground Friday on the first project(s) of the 30 year master plan.  These two important projects focus on the grounds around the Museum and protects the Museum’s resources and assets by naturalizing Fassnight creek, improving parking conditions, and creating stronger connections to the park and community.  All of this is done while protecting, celebrating, and preserving the existing historic structures and landscape. These projects represent the first steps in radically transforming and upgrading the Museum based on BNIM’s work in conjunction with Museum leadership on the recently completed the 30-year master plan.   

We are so thankful to work with the Springfield Art Museum, their leadership and board, and a community like Springfield.  The Art Museum remains an untapped cultural resource in Springfield that if leveraged and enjoyed helps shape and grow the region’s children, builds capacity in the business community, and strengthens the cultural network of the area.

We celebrate with the Museum today and look forward to many more exciting endeavors with the Museum and community as the master plan unfolds over the coming years.”
Josh Harrold, AIA, Associate Principal

To learn more about the Springfield Art Museum 30-year Master Plan look at our book here.