Westport Commons Featured in The New York Times

Westport Commons was featured in The Many Faces of Innovation in U.S. Cities in the New York Times.

Westport Commons will be the largest co-working space in the world. It is a leading example of urban acupuncture, an intervention in the form of a community asset that sparks the remaking of the community that surrounds it. By using an existing building, a vacant former middle school, the shared idea of a community icon is still in tact, drawing new attention for the potential of this space to restructure the area economically and culturally to support over 150 entrepreneurs that will be drawn to the co-working space.

The article by Eilene Zimmerman starts:

"Innovation has always been a messy business, a twisting path of colliding ideas and accidental discoveries. What has changed over time is not how we innovate but where we innovate.

Bruce J. Katz, who founded the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program and is an author of the “Metropolitan Revolution,” said it had shifted from research parks and suburban corporate campuses to companies that work with networks of researchers, entrepreneurs and investors.

And innovation isn’t limited to start-ups. Cities are undertaking groundbreaking projects to remake themselves physically, culturally and economically." 

Read: The Many Faces of Innovation in U.S. Cities in the New York Times.