BNIM AIA 2030 Commitment Report

The AIA 2030 By the Numbers: The 2020 Summary of the AIA 2030 Commitment measures annual performance of the architecture and design community toward its goal of carbon neutral buildings by 2030. Firms who participate in the 2030 Commitment must submit reports on the performance of their portfolios over each calendar year. The reported data includes building type, area, baseline energy performance, and predicted energy performance. This program and method of reporting offers architects a way to publicly show their dedication and track progress toward a carbon-neutral future.

BNIM is one of two firm size: 50-99 that met or exceeded the 80% predicted EUI (pEUI) reduction for 2020. Only 15 out of 378 companies overall met this target. In 2020, the 2030 Commitment participants reported energy savings equivalent to carbon emissions that would be sequestered by more than 42.3 million acres of forest in one year.

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