BNIM Presents at 2023 Annual AAMG Conference

BNIM Presents at 2023 Annual AAMG Conference

When historic flooding of the Iowa River impacted The University of Iowa campus in 2008, the University’s art museum was left without a permanent home on campus. In the following years, with the museum’s extensive collections holding temporary residence at neighboring and global art institutions, the museum continued work on academic initiatives and focused on cultivating its community presence. The museum envisioned a new home on campus that would embody this work as a reimagined as a library and laboratory for the arts and support the museum’s mission in encouraging transformative encounters with works of art and contemplation of the human story.

In Fall of 2022, the Stanley Museum of Art restored a dedicated art museum to the University of Iowa for the first time in 14 years. The project thoughtfully demonstrates the interweaving of cultural arts and academic programming to embrace the educational turn and the multi-faceted role of academic art museums within our campuses and communities.

BNIM design leaders, Carey Nagle and Levi Robb, alongside Lauren Lessing, director of the Stanley Museum of Art, will present a dynamic case study of the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art at this year’s Annual Association of Academic Museums and Galleries (AAMG) Conference, exploring key strategies to support arts education, campus engagement, and public forum.

Learning objectives will include:

1. Leverage the design of museums as teaching tools to meet pedagogical goals of a university-based public academic museum, including supporting arts curriculum, curation, and conversation.

2. Generate engagement in arts education on a campus- and state-wide scale through strategic collaborative partnerships, academic programming, and community dialogues.

3. Implement a collaborative, integrated design process involving multiple stakeholders to maximize value and future resilience within a modest budget.


A Teaching Museum’s Resilient Return to Campus Emphasizes Arts Education, Campus Engagement, and Public Forum

Date / Time

Wednesday, June 14, 10:30 - 12 p.m.


The University of Kansas | Lawrence, KS

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