Concrete Value & Innovations: A Focus on Sustainability, Resilience & Technology

BNIM hosts a discussion on the value of concrete with guest speakers Lionel Lemay, Sr. VP, Sustainability & Build with Strength and  Donn Thompson, Regional Manager at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)

A prime ingredient of sustainable architecture is longevity. If a building doesn’t last, it wastes of a lot of energy, from both a human and a resource perspective, not to mention the economic value. Durability is the ultimate profitability. Building materials also play a big role in deciding the safety and resiliency of our structures. This discussion will showcase new technologies, some available now, some in research & development, that will continue to roll concrete as an important building material in the future, including carbon concerns. From energy efficiency, lower insurance costs, and moisture resistance, barriers to a concrete structure increasingly collapse when industry professionals are equipped with the right design tools and knowledge.