Laura Lesniewski speaks at the Ripple Effect II Conference

Laura Lesneiwski speaks at at Darr Agricultural Center, Missouri State University, Springfield, in a conference - Ripple Effect II: Green Development Techniques to Protect our Ozark Waterways on the topic 'Power of Zero: Optimizing Cost and Value with Next Generation Green.'
Cost implications of building to next generation standards will be explored, using statistical analyses and anecdotal assessment of actual projects and the strategies and methodologies that enable effective cost management of “next-generation green” projects. Statistical analyses will compare overall construction costs of the greenest projects, using Living Building Challenge, Zero Net Energy, AIA Committee on the Environment Top Ten, and Architecture 2030 standards to quantify performance against industry standard projects. Also included will be design and deliver process strategies that support the achievement of high-performance buildings using case studies to illustrate best practices. 

Conference Overview 
This conference is designed for practitioners of green development, low impact development and agriculture. The conference will draw upon expert professionals to share their experiences and knowledge gained in real projects from concept through design, regulatory review to construction, and operation and maintenance. Experiences in projects from across Missouri as well as throughout the US will be shared. The conference seeks to examine if what we have been doing and promoting is effective, and whether, based upon experience gained over the past decade, there are more effective means to achieve the goals of water quality protection. The conference will be useful for a wide audience from design professionals to contractors to farmers and citizens interested in water quality.