Vote #YesOn2

Vote #YesOn2

BNIM supports voting #YesOn2, the Medicaid Expansion question, on the August 4th Missouri ballot.

Medicaid Expansion in Missouri will give healthcare access to 230,000 of our neighbors who make less than $18,000 per year.  It will also reduce pressure on our already stressed medical systems especially emergency rooms across the state. It will bring our tax dollars back to Missouri and create jobs and keep our vulnerable rural hospitals open. 

Missouri also has dismal health outcomes for black infants and mothers. The rate of pregnancy-associated Black deaths was more than 4 times greater than the rate of White deaths. Black infants are more than twice as likely to die as white infants. Medicaid Expansion in other states has proven to improve this unjust reality, decrease the racial disparity, and save lives.

We would encourage you and our fellow business community to not only vote #YesOn2 but publicly support this campaign.

A healthier, more equitable Missouri is a stronger Missouri.