"The functionality of the town center has been a highlight of our new corporate life in this building. The space draws our employees together in various ways throughout the day and draws them toward one another in a way that can only be done in a comfortable common setting. There is no question that this will have a positive impact on our efforts to foster our collegial cooperative corporate culture. Interior design looks to be timeless, durable and functional. The new furniture utilizes space so efficiently, it has created a more spacious feel throughout the building than we anticipated.” - Charles Sunderland, Chairman, Ash Grove Cement Co.   “The functionality of the space is a huge improvement from our previous space and is functioning as planned. We really haven't come up with anything we would do differently now that we have been in the space for a few months. The space planning process was very effective.” - Charles Sunderland   “We had a pretty clear vision of what we wanted to accomplish going into this project. BNIM was able to understand our vision and design our building accordingly.” - Charles Sunderland   “BNIM provided a high level of design service and involvement on the Ash Grove Cement Company Home Office by their thoughtful site design process through understanding the user goals and depth of knowledge with corporate office design. The end result is a building aligned with the way Ash Grove operates their business. It is a building of which they are extremely proud.” - Charles Sunderland   “Interior design looks to be timeless, durable and functional. The new furniture utilizes space so efficiently, it has created a more spacious feel through out the building than we anticipated.” - Charles Sunderland   “My relationship with BNIM has included three built office buildings totaling 600,000 sq. ft., several conceptual design efforts, and other development ventures. Their experience in investment office design and development land planning has supported us in making informed, quality decisions that help to increase our bottom line. They have always been professional and bring a highly collaborative method of working with development and construction project teams. Their group is responsive, realistic, and creative.” - Col. Tom Coulter, Construction Manager, MC Realty Group, LLC   “BNIM provided a high level of design service and involvement on the Ash Grove Cement Company Home Office by their thoughtful site design process, thorough understanding of the user goals, and depth of knowledge with corporate office design. Sustainable practice strategies and tools were used, including LEED design guidelines, to help guide our project team. The end result is a building aligned with the way Ash Grove operates their business. It is a building of which they are extremely proud.” - Col. Tom Coulter

 “BNIM's design of the building demonstrates a very creative response to our specified needs, and the architects have been excellent at responding to the university's request for sustainable solutions while meeting the programming needs of the School of Nursing. They have done an admirable job in balancing the needs and desires of the multiple parties involved (the various university departments, the School of Nursing, OFPC and the construction managers).” - Nancy McNiel, PhD., Associate Dean of Management, UTHSC-Houston School of Nursing   “Our building, which first opened its doors in June 2006, continues to inspire its occupants – and it symbolizes one of the school's most important aims, which is to provide our students and faculty with a healing and caring learning environment.”   Nursing is not only scientific and knowledge-based; there is also caring and compassion – the healing component, so we wanted a building that feels like a nurturing environment the minute you enter it.   The building showcases a philosophy that if we're teaching about health, we're also operating in a healthy way.   We are a health science center, so we should educate our students in healthy buildings. Also, we believe that a healthy, environmentally friendly facility will be much more efficient to operate; we're looking forward to those advantages, too.   The facilities have helped us to recruit more senior research scholars. Now, we also have some very promising young nursing researchers whose careers will take off.   We believe we're now the most technologically advanced school of nursing in the country. And with an entire floor dedicated to nursing research, the school now has the kind of equipment and laboratories that will attract world-class researchers.” - Patricia Starck, Dean of the School of Nursing, UTHSC-Houston School of Nursing   “It was clear that the opportunity to create a successful integrated project team which would embrace our principles was more than a desire with BNIM; it was a shared vision for working on a high performance environmentally responsible facility. Sharing a commitment to The Natural Step's principles was key the process. The jointly shared belief that the built environment and health are hand in glove issues decidedly formed the team's collaboration. BNIM has excelled in their design responses which through simplicity are more than elegant resulting in a respectful sense of place and history. This will assist us in our quest to become the model Heath Science Center of the 21st Century. The collaboration between BNIM and UTHSC-H on the School of Nursing and Student Community Center (SONCC) project has been beneficial with a very high degree of transportability to other facility projects for our campus. Unlike many professional arrangements, there was no conflict of culture with BNIM. This is a tribute to the firm's leadership and reflection of a quality of personnel who have chosen to affiliate with the firm.   BNIM Architects' relationship with University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston has been nothing short of sensational. BNIM has excelled in the design responses which will assist us in our quest to become the model Health Science Center of the 21st Century.” - Brian Yeoman, Associate VP, UTHSC-H   “BNIM Architects completed and was awarded the contract to design the Nursing and Student Community Center at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. This new kind of building, one based on fundamental principles that are inextricable from our mission and role as healers and good citizens, sets the standard for our future facilities and major renovations amounting to $800 million over the next six years. This lead effort had to be successful in changing our culture and creating 21st century awareness for the critical connection between our mission, the built environment and health.   “We could not have made a better choice as Bob Berkebile and his team blended nicely in our environment and quickly earned the respect of our students, faculty and staff. Their integration has made this project a truly stimulating and creative one, bringing all factions of our University together in a manner that has raised the bar in collaboration between all parties.   Throughout this project, BNIM Architects has underscored their timely interaction with a sensitivity for our mission and a desire to help us achieve an educational facility that teaches by example. Together we achieved a facility that approaches the teaching environment as laboratory for human accomplishment. The values that our organizations share have been infused into the project at every level, making it not only a model of integrated design, but also a model for a new way of teaching. In this, and other projects at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, BNIM's vision for sustainable and healthy design is helping us achieve new standards of performance and durability for our university and community.” - John Porretto, Founder and President, SBS Builders

“BNIM did award-winning work in the building where I was housed. BNIM executed the design of the offices and atrium of the Federal Supply Service's (now Federal Acquisition Service) Global Supply unit. Housed in a WWII engine manufacturing plant, BNIM introduced a design that introduced modern design and materials into a rather dismal and dark manufacturing facility. We used the space as a showcase and example of innovative design. I used the space for welcoming customers, industry partners and other VIP's. GSA was as proud of the work as BNIM.” - Brad Scott, Former GSA Region 6 Administrator  

“This project recognizes the impact creative use of color, light and space have on our daily lives. Here, a dark, undistinguished passageway became a beautiful and inspiring environment.” - 2006 GSA Design Awards Jury  

“This project has received compliments from many people within GSA and other tenant agencies. We are truly appreciative of this fine product and all the creative work that went into getting it done.” - John Nelson, Project Manager, General Services Administration

“BOSTI Associates collaborated closely with BNIM Architects in workplace analysis for the Packard Foundation (2001). BNIM was an exceptional partner: gracious, collegial, open-minded, responsive, and thorough. This was a complex project with multiple stakeholders, consultants, architectural and community issues. BNIM was able to integrate the team and client leaders in a participatory process, keeping everyone focused on the Foundation's goals and values while honoring multiple perspectives.”
- Ellen Keable, Vice President, BOSTI Associates
“Working with BNIM has been a journey of discovery for both our organizations. Our values as an Institution belong to the vernacular of sustainability in its many facets. At the beginning, we had extremely similar values but we did not know where our vision would take us. Together, we managed to clarify the sustainable goals we wanted to attain, and transpose them into a coherent system. Our hope is that the work BNIM Architects produced may also help others realize their aspirations for the creation of healthy communities nationwide.
Upon seeing this, the only responsible thing I can do is instruct you to make the greenest building possible.”
- Dick Schlosberg, Former President, The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

“Unlike many new museum buildings being constructed now and in recent years, the Bloch Building does not make a flamboyant architectural statement that begs to be noticed. Instead, its external appearance is stark in its simplicity. Inside, however, it does two amazing things. Totally experiential in nature, it invites visitors on a journey of joyful discovery as it meanders gently down the hillside. Each turn reveals something new and delightful; often, these revelations involve a play of light and shadow. Most importantly, however, the building's architecture never competes with the art that is displayed within. In spite of its often awesome and breathtaking beauty, it nevertheless remains the calm and restrained host, allowing the art to entice, entertain and inspire.”
Barbara Justus, Associate, Planning, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art  

“We selected BNIM Architects because of their focus on innovation, impeccable reputation and stature, but we got much more from them. With the exacting level of care and commitment to Architecture, the collaboration was the best our firm has experienced.”
Steven Holl, Principal, Steven Holl Architects

"Without question, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is now privileged to have one of the finest education facilities of its kind in the country -- a splendid contribution to the enrichment of its community." - Barbara Justus, Planning Association, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

"Taken as a whole, the Hall provides a stunning home for these sculptures, yet stands as a work of art in and of itself." - Barbara Justus, Associate, Planning, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

“…the jury really appreciated the social contribution the City resulting from the transparent open character of the studio which is delightfully shared with street level activities…” - Jury Comments, 2012 AIA Iowa Awards

“BNIM has worked closely with Ronald McDonald House Charities to help us understand how a sustainable approach to our new House can benefit the health and well-being of our guest families, and equally importantly, how it can improve the overall performance of the building while lowering our long-term operating costs. Sustainable design was a new concept to us when we started our project, but BNIM helped us make the obvious connection between ill children and healthy environments. Our new Ronald McDonald House will positively impact the children's physical and psychological health. Essentially, BNIM has shown us better ways to support families through smart and thoughtful design.   The architect and the executive director from the Wellington New Zealand Ronald McDonald house have recently been on a world-wide tour in preparation for building their new house. The architect was 'blown away' by Kansas City's Ronald McDonald house and both said it was the best out of all the houses they have seen. It was 'hands down their favorite.' They loved the 'contemporary style, the light, airy feel and the smart design.’” - Mrs. Ann Jerome, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Kansas City

"I continue to receive rave reviews on the Conference Center from City Council members, City staff, and most importantly our clients, who remark on the grace, style and function of the building... BNIM’s design is responsive to our program, mindful of our maintenance and operating requirements, yet attractive and in keeping with the classic Municipal Auditorium. Your staff was cooperative and professional, and responded to our budget and schedule requirements... Congratulations for a recognized design winner and a satisfied client; those two are seldom together." - Thomas Bean, AIA, Former City Architect, City of Kansas City, Missouri

“The building is a tremendous asset in the recruiting process.   This is a beautiful and flexible building that aligns with the high standards and goals of the IMM.   With BNIM's leadership we were able to achieve a new paradigm for collaborative science and research.   The community has embraced the building as an ideal spot to host events and lectures. The water feature has been the greatest "discovery" for many within the building and within the TMC campus. The south decks are now a daily place of interaction for staff during breaks.” - Irma Gigli, MD, Deputy Director, IMM  

“Just a brief note of appreciation to BNIM: Since back in February I've been eating my brown bag lunch every day beside the "water feature" of the Sarofim Bldg. Fewer than half a dozen days have been too hot for this, because of the mild-to-brisk cross breeze(s) designed into the site. There really isn't anywhere else on campus to eat outdoors in the summertime without wrecking one's work clothes in the heat/humidity—quite an accomplishment for BNIM!” - David Bates, Director of Media Relations, UTHSC-H  

“We are actively recruiting some of the world's best scientists in neuroscience, stem cell research, inflammation, metabolism, obesity, diabetes, genetic and proteomic discovery. We expect to have some 125 scientists working in the new building in the years to come, working collaboratively with basic and clinical scientists at all of our schools and working with scientists at academic institutions and hospitals throughout the Texas Medical Center, including Rice University and the University of Houston.   I truly believe the Institute of Molecular Medicine can really put U-T Houston "on the map" scientifically as a great center of higher learning [and...] contribute significantly to conquering the diseases of our time, in our time.” - James Willerson, M.D. President, UTHSC-H, IMM    

“The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston took on the most ambitious capital campaign in the history of the university. The New Frontiers Campaign raised over $200 million dollars to build and equip a new home for the Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine and to recruit and support world class genetic and molecular scientists.   Throughout the life of the capital campaign BNIM Architects provided us with helpful and detailed project descriptions, renderings, slide presentations, space analysis studies and floor plans in a timely manner and specific to our needs. These materials have been very helpful in the fundraising campaign to give the donors an understanding of the vision that we have always had for our project. BNIM also provided us with a handsome model of the project that was effectively used in the early stages of the campaign. It continues to be a good tool for us. Their staff was always responsive to our request, and we appreciated that.”  -Jerre Iverson, VP for Development, UTHSC-H

“The Sarofim Research Building is an environment that will stimulate and reinforce creativity, the foundation for research… I feel I speak for a generation of researchers to come, when I say that the concepts embedded in the building will bear fruit in the research that is achieved there.” - Peter Davies, Executive VP for Research, UTHSC-H

“BNIM delivered a beautiful and functional camp with a unified vernacular that will serve us for many years with low maintenance costs. They also helped us to preserve the natural resources of this camp, which is heavily wooded and sits on high and undulating ground.” - Mark Brayer "BNIM helped us achieve all of these projects within the time and cost constraints we stipulated. The final product has resulted in a beautiful and functional camp with a unified vernacular that will serve us for many years with low maintenance costs." - Mark Brayer

“This is my first opportunity managing a sustainably designed site. BNIM helped me understand the strategies and benefits of the planting design and ultimately changed my perspective on native and xeriscape plantings. This campus has experienced significant cost savings compared to the traditional manicured campus, especially when you consider the traditional landscape establishment costs, reduced ongoing irrigation costs and typical chemical requirements. The staff continues to enjoy the outdoor environments throughout the year—the walking path, seating areas and reflecting pool. The moving water, courtyards and green roofs provide a peaceful refuge for employees to get away from their busy work environments.” - Jackie Older-Hefner, MC Realty Group, LLC  

“From the owner's perspective, the most sensitive issues centered on the project being completed on time, on budget and that responded to all our needs and unique requirements. The project has been very successful on all these counts. It was delivered ahead of schedule by six months and was under budget through the collaborative approach between BNIM and the construction manager.   As designer of the new IRS center, BNIM was challenged to create parking solutions that required a 1500 pre-cast parking structure, a 300 car cast in place partially underground on a triangular footprint, and 3800 parking spaces under the IRS center. All three structures had to fit into the historic landscape of the district while providing the employee with efficient, secure and easy access. The secure site is completely protected from external threats and includes controlled access and advanced security systems. For over three years now, this facility has served all the needs of the IRS Personnel, from efficiency inside and out to the easy access to the Buildings, as well as meeting user and security needs. A job well done.” - David Lovetere, PE, MC Realty Group, LLC  

“The scale of this extremely large program (one million square feet) has been carefully mediated in the complex's materials and details. The juxtapositions of volumes, the inclusion of a variety of common areas, the play of natural light, and the articulation of distinct ‘communities' in the building.” - 2006 GSA Design Awards Jurry Comment  

“I have been working with BNIM Architects for the past four years on the IRS Kansas City Campus, and it has been a very positive experience. I have been very impressed with BNIM's design and project leadership on this complex project, and the result is a building that has met the IRS's expectations and includes sustainable features to optimize building performance from both an energy standpoint and also on the human health and productivity side. BNIM led the LEED certification process and a LEED Certified Rating [has been achieved].” - Karen Gelling, Site Coordinator, IRS Kansas City Campus  

“BNIM's work on the IRS Service Center in Kansas City was history-making in several ways, from the adaptive reuse of the old Post Office to the astounding innovative design of the processing area. BNIM breathed light and life into the old Post Office, while at the same time preserving its historic and significant architectural features. It stands as a monument to what can be done to make a historic building attractive, bright, efficient and functional.  I spoke to many tenants who were thrilled with the new and the renovated facility. It is truly astounding.” - Brad Scott, BM Scott & Associates, LLC  

"Wow, this is a staggeringly beautiful facility… It is an impressive blend of old  and new. In 2004, more people filed taxes than voted. That means that the IRS touches most  Americans' lives… Here in KC you perform  both IRS missions of service and  enforcement. In this  standard-setting building, you will  be more efficient which provides more  value to the taxpayer… This facility was designed to accommodate  the new way of doing business in IRS… Provides an improved environment for employees -- natural light, break rooms, courtyards, new furniture… This renews the IRS commitment  to KC begun in 1947 with the first 50 people from the Bronx to start one of  the first processing centers. It is  entirely  appropriate to renew that commitment  now… I’m glad I had the good sense to  comply with Senator Bond's request to approve this project while at OMB… Amazingly for a project of this magnitude, I never had to worry about it or intervene. The GSA/IRS team did a wonderful job, recognized Karen Gelling and Pam  Hackney by name.” - Quotes from Commissioner Mark W. Everson regarding the IRS Kansas City Campus Recorded by Marcy Nelson with W&I Communications at the Grand Opening Event, October 16, 2006

“This building acts as a gateway to the City, pleasantly greeting visitors with a new facility that looks like it has been here a long time. I love sharing with visitors the story of the inverted roof and integration of stormwater with the landscape. I appreciate the thoughtful design of the building, inclusion of a raingarden and the many natural features. The campus has grown in nicely, and the site design emphasizes the historical presence of the place with an environmentally considerate approach. BNIM complemented our needs with a purposeful combination of wood, stone and xeriscape plantings that fits the historical character of Merriam, anchors the building to the site and lends a sense of belonging to the Visitor's Bureau and its grounds.   Visitors have been no less than blown away by the facility and the interest and presence that it exudes as a representation of the vitality of the City of Merriam. As an owner, the City of Merriam never imagined such success for the Merriam Historic Plaza and Visitors Bureau. However, it is a success that both the city and all visitors shall continue to enjoy well into the future.” - Karen Crane, Director of Merriam Visitors Bureau

“It's disappearing architecture. All you see is the art.”   “It's all about the layers of space, transparency and how you move through the gallery.”   “The aesthetic is clearly different from the building itself and real in dealing with systems and life safety.” - 2011 AIA Kansas, Design Awards Jury Comments

"The Freight House Pedestrian Bridge is a wonderful addition to Union Station Kansas City. We have the pleasure of showcasing a historic 1892 Kansas City Southern railroad bridge that otherwise probably would have been destroyed. Preserving this piece allows thousands of people for generations to come to see and walk across this bridge. It also fulfills Union Station's mission of being the region's finest educational and cultural resource committed to the preservation and interpretation of Kansas City's regional history." - Andi Udris, President and CEO, Union Station Kansas City

“You have been a great business partner and this legacy project just reinforces for us your commitment to our company's growth and success. As of this week, all of our associates have moved into the facility and it has been a  'WOW' for all of us.”
Phil Crimmins, Senior Vice President, Development, Applebee's Services Inc.  

“As a result of the leadership and thought provoking innovation that our designers brought to the table, the end result truly reflects our vision and values. We believe our new restaurant support center will be an inspiring workplace that will maximize associate satisfaction and bring value and success to the Applebee's brand. The built product is an opportunity to take the business to 'a new level.’   Both the site and building designs are successful in acknowledging our early directions for expansion, accommodating the business operations and department needs as well as creating a new company workplace that is sensitive to our people and to the community. We have constant reminders in this facility that we did the right things for the environment and by our programs and methods are continuing to do so.   Every time I look out into the beautiful courtyard outside my window (southern most courtyard), I think of you. The flowers/foliage REALLY looks lovely.  Thanks for your heartfelt design!   The design team worked continuously to provide information we needed to make informed decisions throughout the project. This included industry standards and developing data for comparative analysis regarding area usage, human health and productivity, energy usage, flexible space, and forward thinking technologies and systems. The three-dimensional computer studies, physical models, and material boards created helped inform our decision making process and allowed us to share progress and development with our associates. The issued design documents resulted in bids for construction that were under our budget.”
Karen Lazowski, Former Director, Support Services, Applebee's Services, Inc.  

“I was in the Applebee's building earlier this week. Great building, great work! Everywhere in the building felt good to be there.”
Steve Karbank, Karbank & Company

“BNIM Architects has completed several parking structures for the University of Missouri System, including our most recent Hospital Hill Parking Structure at UMKC. All three structures (two at UMC and one at UMKC) have responded well to the high turnover demands of higher education users by providing a clear and consistent traffic flow. The UMKC structure was also successful in providing the proper balance in openness and accessibility while dealing with the enhanced security needs of an urban health sciences campus.” - Robert Simmons, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Administration, University of Missouri - Kansas City

“I fell in love with BNIM from the first time I met some of the staff. I've appreciated their responsiveness, creativity and genuineness. Our finished products (a brand new sustainable facility and a fully renovated older facility) are everything and more than we hoped for.   It is a building that not only provides for the men's needs, but creates them in a manner that elevates the experience.” - Daniel Doty, Executive Director, City Union Mission

“The City will continue to use BNIM for planning services in the future. The creativity and innovative solutions they provide have allowed us to implement our plans quickly and efficiently.” - Mike Duffy, Director of Planning, City of Riverside, Missouri

“Green solutions are a major component of the Water Services Department's Wet Weather Solutions program. This project is a prime example of the City's focus on green solutions that utilize innovative design to reduce stormwater runoff and capture it on-site.” - John Franklin, Assistant City Manager and Acting Water Services Department Director   “The addition of some greenery might not seem to be anything spectacular or a great leap forward in the environmental movement. Beneath those planters though lies the innovation: a water reclamation system that recycles rainwater, in turn preventing the city from spending funds on watering the landscaping or using harmful chemicals to keep the mostly gray cityscape a more healthy color.” - Kevin Kuzma, Urban Times, Contributing Writer, March 2008

“Very early in the process we realized that this was not just about transforming an important building. It was also about a new energy, a transformational energy that will propel this building and in many ways the arts and culture of Kansas City into the next 100 years. The old energy was coal that moved through the building to power Union Station and the precinct. The new energy is a creative power that is the product of the students and professional dancers—beauty, creativity and art.   This was a true marriage of old and new.”
Steve McDowell, Principal, BNIM Architects

“The Bolender Center is one of the best designed and thought-out dance facilities in the country, which means that it is one of the best in the world.   This new facility surpasses our expectations. Large, open studios, natural light as well as a 180-seat studio theater will now make it possible to create, rehearse and perform in an expansive environment.”
William Whitener, Former Artistic Director, Kansas City Ballet  

“One of the things that compelled me to accept this position with Kansas City Ballet was the power of this building.”
Devon Carney, New Artistic Director, Kansas City Ballet  

“At a time when most cities are reducing investment in the arts, how refreshing it is to be in Kansas City where the arts are flourishing.   It is truly an excellent dance building. I'm lucky enough to travel all over the world and see dance facilities everywhere and I can't think of one in the world that is more beautiful than this building.”
Michael M. Kaiser, President, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts  

“The project team had the daunting task of turning generator rooms into dance studios, coal bunkers into dressing rooms, and fire pits into useable space while maintaining enough historical building aspects for the Ballet to earn federal tax credits. Our entire design, construction and client team performed preconstruction planning for over two years in order to complete the design required to convert the Power House building to the home of KCB.”
Chris Szeliga, Sr. Project Manager with General Contractor, JE Dunn Construction  

“Everything about this restoration—from the building's use, to its design, to the power of ballet, the power of dance, the power of art—all of this restores that energy for which the Power House was initially designed.   Kansas City Ballet was not the first organization to approach me about an adaptive reuse of the Power House, but theirs was the best approach. It was a beautiful and respectful fit.”
Cydney Millstein, Architectural & Historical Research, LLC

“We get nothing but rave reviews when people come to see our office and we enjoy it very much.” - Errol Copilevitz, Attorney, Copilevitz & Canter, LLC

“I am very seduced by this project. It is wonderful as an architectural thing. As an architectural project it should be commended. In an effort to respond to homeland security, this project does a spectacular job of creating a sense of place. Very sensitive in its use of material and proportion.” - Rand Elliott, FAIA, Jury Chair (2003 Allied Arts and Craftsmanship Committee)  

“BNIM 's utmost professionalism and dedication shined throughout the project. BNIM helped facilitate the team to ensure the project met the overall budget and exceeded the project deadline. BNIM not only wants the job done correctly, but won't stop until the customer is 100% satisfied. They go above and beyond the call of duty. It was my distinct pleasure to work with BNIM Architects on this project. I can proudly state the overall vision BNIM displayed with the 12th Street Entrance Project has made a lasting impression on the Richard Bolling Federal Building tenants.” - Michael Kraxberger, Director of General Services Administration Public Building Service, Kansas City North Field Office

“Along with their in-depth knowledge and experience, BNIM Architects brings a refreshing perspective to sustainable design and truly understands what we are trying to achieve with this project. The lack of fresh, clean water is not just a problem of the developing world, it is a problem we all face.” - Skip Backus, CEO, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies  

“This is simply an elegant building.” - Peter Busby AIA, 2010 AIA COTE Top Ten Jury

“Greensburg is a global example of how clean energy can power an entire community, how it can bring jobs and businesses to a place where piles of bricks and rubble once lay.”
- President Barack Obama
“When you consider the size of the community and the gravity of the situation, it is remarkable that the residents turned to planning as part of the recovery process and to rebuild in a sustainable manner to benefit future generations.”
- 2008 Daniel Burnham Award, American Planning Association, Jury Member
“BNIM's planning team has been a wonderful facilitator in guiding the community's hopes and concerns. Their thoughtful synthesis of community feedback, government requirements, and technical analyses helped create a plan that was realized as it was created. The result of this work is not just an excellent plan, but also a community made stronger by the optimistic act of planning for our shared future.”
- Steve Hewitt, Former City Administrator for Greensburg, Kansas
“The city of Greensburg has taken the extraordinary step of committing to rebuild their community to a new vision, not settling for simply recreating what had gone before. By committing to a recovery plan based on green building, the community’s leadership has set a path that will result in a healthier, more livable city for its citizens, turning a crisis into an opportunity that is an example for us all.”
- Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council
“The biggest success story in Greensburg, to me, has been the resiliency and determination of our citizens to make a difference in their world. We’re new pioneers in the sustainability movement.”
- Mayor Bob Dixson, City of Greensburg, Kansas
“City of Greensburg: What a compelling story. It’s an extremely challenging and pioneering step to rebuild the town and it expresses the character of the people who live there. The central aspect was to involve the whole community. Design here is an agent more than an aesthetic. They had strong planning and made every cent count.  This is a demonstration of how landscape architects showed a town how to work from one project to the next to regain the confidence that they can rebuild and don’t have to move away. They used so many realistic, affordable solutions. A lot of the world lives in places that can use these ideas and this project will give them the courage to embrace change and move forward. Through its physical design, people can be confident that this city is strong and will continue.”
- David Yocca, Conservation Design Forum - 2011 ASLA National Awards Jury Chair

“City of Greensburg: What a compelling story. It's an extremely challenging and pioneering step to rebuild the town and it expresses the character of the people who live there. The central aspect was to involve the whole community. Design here is an agent more than an aesthetic. They had strong planning and made every cent count. This is a demonstration of how landscape architects showed a town how to work from one project to the next to regain the confidence that they can rebuild and don't have to move away. They used so many realistic, affordable solutions. A lot of the world lives in places that can use these ideas and this project will give them the courage to embrace change and move forward. Through its physical design, people can be confident that this city is strong and will continue.” - David Yocca, Jury Chair, 2011 ASLA National Awards Jury

“Wow! This is an Honor Award winner.   This project makes great references to Aalto. A beautiful assembly space.   This is a clear Honor Award. The diagrams clearly explain the development of the roof/porch.   I really appreciate the storytelling in the graphics.   The project exhibits civic pride, but in a humble sort of way.” - 2011 AIA Kansas Awards, Jury Comments  

“We think of traditional city halls having to be made of brick.  It seems that tradition still exists. The modernist building introduced an unpredictable approach with a multifaceted roof design. The combination of brick perimeter walls and sculptured roof results in a stunning composition, a thoughtful civic symbol of rebirth beautifully executed. The roof- a piece of sculpture that lets natural light into the building- is also the front porch, combining old and new ideas into one great building.”  - 2013 AIA Central States Awards, Jury Comment

“Given that the department's mission is to serve the citizens of Missouri and heighten public awareness about the environment, it was imperative that the building design reinforced this goal. Because the building was publicly funded, it was also important that the facility be constructed on a budget commiserate with other office structures. We are pleased to state that the facility created met both of these directives.” - Dan Walker, Director, Missouri Department of Natural Resources  

“I can say that they had some tough challenges being the first “green” building, and the project was reviewed intensely by our internal review committee. The architects happily worked with us to make sure the whole team understood the project. We are looking forward to the future this building brings to the State of Missouri.” - Sherry Kempf, Project Manager, Design & Construction, State of Missouri

“From the beginning BNIM was active in achieving our goals for the highest levels of energy efficiency. Our headquarters building demonstrates that an elegant, high performance workspace that also inspires high performance among its occupants can be achieved on a state budget. The success of IUB/OCA is a testament to integrated design and close collaboration with a focused architectural partner, such as BNIM.” - Judi Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary  

“The BNIM team stressed collaboration from the start of the project and involved the State of Iowa and the building occupants in every aspect of planning. They have been excellent to work with and delivered a successful project which has exceeded our expectations.” - Joan Conrad, Executive Secretary/Chief of Staff, Iowa Utilities Board  

“Knowing the potential impact of thermal envelope losses on low energy buildings, the team was obsessive about thermal bridges. In addition to systems such as the precast sandwich panel skin with non-thermally conducting ties, details were innovated to eliminate thermal bridging at major building element interfaces, a significant source of loss in traditional construction.” - Carey Nagle, AIA, BNIM  

“The team saw the impact of their work was bigger than just the building. It was to set an example for other government buildings.   It was obvious that every design decision that needed to be made in support of the climate strategy was really made. There was a rigor and focus to the execution that you don’t see in most projects.” - 2012 AIA COTE Top Ten Projects Selection Committee, Jury Comments  

“This is a very well-done project.  There is a real rigor in the execution of the parti.   Most standard work spaces aren’t very rewarding, but these really are.   And the stair is beautiful. So delicate.   The views that are framed are well-considered.” - 2011 AIA Kansas, Design Awards Jury Comments   “Beautifully executed building with outstanding energy performance.” - 2012 AIA Iowa, Design Awards Jury Comment  

“Board Chairwoman [Elizabeth Jacobs] called the building ‘a wonderful demonstration’ of energy efficiency.   [Iowa Governor Terry Branstad] called the 44,460-square-foot structure ‘a treasure for the Capitol Complex.’” - Des Moines Register article, March 5, 2013

“With the design of our new headquarters, KCPL will reap qualitative and quantitative benefits from sustainable and energy efficient workplace strategies. BNIM helped us create a model workplace that will be a great demonstration tool in showing our commercial customers that they can reduce energy consumption even in leased space such as ours.” - Mike Chesser, Chairman and CEO, Kansas City Power & Light

“BNIM designed a high-performance facility that embraces the spirit of the community and sets a new standard for sustainable design in a K-12 educational facility. The school will be a source of pride in our community for decades to come.  Before the tornado, if you asked most of the high school kids about their plans for the future, they’d say the same thing: ‘I’m going to go away to college and never come back.’ Now, they say, ‘I’m going to go to college and then come back.’ They see things here that they can impact.”
Darin Headrick, Superintendent of Schools, Greensburg School District - USD 422  

“I like the restraint in this project.”   “The restraint works well in lieu of the typical myriad of graphics and color often found in K-12 schools. It fits the prairie context well.”
2011 AIA Kansas, Design Awards Jury Comments  

“This is AWESOME! This is the opportunity of a lifetime - not even a lifetime… of 500,000 years!”
Levi Smith, Kiowa County Student  

“BNlM’s leadership has been critical to the success of this project. We have been greatly impressed by the depth of their staff at all levels, whether related to design or technology, building codes, sustainability, envelope detailing, waterproofing or specifications. Their goal has been to make the finished product the best it can be, consistent with our budget. BNIM is a valued team member, willing to listen closely, to offer their professional advice, to be patient, and to lead.” - Jane Curry, AIA, LEED AP, Sr. Project Manager, Princeton University, Office of Design and Construction

“I am pleased to state the project exceeded my expectations and needs and I am delighted with the services provided, the imagery of the Retreat and its relationship to the natural landscape and the flexibility of use as a rural retreat for business and family outings. The Retreat is well designed, well-constructed and unique, utilizing carefully detailed natural and raw materials compatible with the rural nature of the site. It is a wonderful place to stay for short or extended period of time.” - Owner Statement   “This project is really elegant.”   “It is a very controlled execution of a very simple idea.”   “It's almost Swiss, but in American vernacular.”   “The photography is so wonderful. It is so picturesque.” - 2011 AIA Kansas Awards, Jury Comments

“The Burlington Corridor Plan was completed by a truly professional group of individuals from BNIM. They met our City's needs with a thoughtful, innovative and inclusive process. The BNIM team worked diligently to get feedback and buy-in from the City Council, Planning Commission and property owners along Burlington Street. They listened carefully and synthesized complex analyses of the roadway, multi-modal transit options, surrounding land use and design considerations into a feasible, integrated strategy for transforming our City's urban corridor into a regional destination. I am confident that this Plan will serve as a guide for creating a sustainable, walkable, connected, beautiful signature for North Kansas City.” - Pamela Winsor, Retired City Administrator, City of North Kansas City, Missouri

“It's an important topic. This is something we are dealing with every single day, so it's very useful. The case studies well documented and can actually measure the services. Having them in a comparative format was compelling.”
- David Yocca, Jury Chair, 2011 ASLA Awards Jury

“BNIM's role in creating the Living Building concept is now providing zero-impact solutions to those who seek the highest level of sustainable design available. There is not a single building being designed that approaches [Odum School of Ecology's] level of sustainable stewardship.” - Ray Anderson, Chairman of the Board, Interface   “At the University of Georgia, our philosophy has been innovation, collaboration with the ultimate goal of transformation. Every one of our buildings has somewhat of a transforming quality to it because we believe that our buildings are learning tools and vessels themselves to help our students.   I can say that in all the years I've been here, in close to two billion dollars of construction in the last fifteen years, we've never found a firm that I can speak more highly of about the innovation, collaboration and transformation than BNIM .What we went through in the design of the Odum School of Ecology was truly just that — it was a phenomenal chemistry that we're all excited about and want to take forward.   What we found is that you can't just look at something in isolation. BNIM demonstrated how the [Odum School of Ecology] could become more — and it should be, because it is the first school of ecology in the country. The idea that it could become more is indicated by the beauty and potential of the site, with the two watersheds and proximity to the river. There's so much here to carry this concept on so many levels. There wasn't any selling that needed to be done. Everyone said: this makes so much sense, it's just got to happen.   Many other projects are just buildings — buildings that will house faculty and students — which is what everybody else is selling in the country from the private elementary school, private high school, to any college you want to step foot into. The Odum School of Ecology building is the big idea that stirs imagination in people who philosophically believe in sustainability and this curriculum whole-heartedly. That is what is uniquely different about this project from anything other.   One of the things that is great about the design for the Odum School of Ecology is that it grabs your imagination. It speaks to the idea of pedagogy, and to the quizzical nature of people. It also speaks to the fact that we don't completely understand the environment and it is still a mystery that pushes us towards this solution that comes closer to understanding. This building will be an instrument of the research that goes back to engage the imagination and the curious nature of things. There will be things that will probably fail, but that's part of the learning aspect of higher education.   I want to make sure we never under-thank Bob and Steve and Craig and everybody who added to this – the BNIM team. We're so indebted to this collaboration. It unfolded into something that we are so ready to brag about.” - Danny Sniff, Associate VP for Facilities, University of Georgia

“An extraordinary project that will transform a community and show America how to create a prosperous, creative and sustainable world… visionary, revolutionary, and certainly necessary.” - Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio  

“Oberlin College and the City of Oberlin have long shown real leadership in driving innovation…this project has the potential to drive real change in the way our communities are planned, designed, and built – and, ultimately, the way we expect our communities to sustain the health of our environment, our economy, and our populations.” - Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, US Green Building Council (USGBC)  

“Thrilling, bold, imaginative, and compelling… Potentially an international model.” - Judith Rodin, President, Rockefeller Foundation

"We are also extremely proud of the way it looks. While it is unusual to talk about a parking garage being attractive, this one certainly is." - Matt Heinrich, Associate VP for Facilities and Technology, Rockhurst University

"Moving into our new building was like moving from a windowless basement to the great outdoors. Light was everywhere. And in the two months we had to enjoy the building (before covid-19 hit), students and faculty were congregating in the large windowed commons spaces for lunch, to talk about research, and study. The effect was nothing short of transformative ... I saw more spontaneous faculty-student interactions in the first few weeks after moving into the building than I had seen in all the years that I’ve been at the University of Iowa combined — and I arrived here in 1992!"

- Mark S. Blumberg, Ph.D. F. Wendell Miller Professor, Department Chair Psychological & Brain Sciences, Iowa Neuroscience Institute, The University of Iowa

“BNIM facilitated the community-defined vision through a series of neighborhood and stakeholder meetings, and the resulting Sustainable Reuse Plan now serves as the City of Kansas City.   The plan creates a true community vision, integrates decisions, establishes a strategy, and is a model for community-based planning processes.” - Bo (Gerald) Williams, Planner, City of Kansas City, Missouri

“When UMKC was going to build Bloch Hall, I knew the team that I wanted to design the building. BNIM has proven that they can bring about great things for arts and education.” - Henry Bloch, Founder, H&R Block  

“We are now positioned to take the University to another level and contribute to the prosperity of this region in ways that we have not been able to before. This building is about educating students of the future. It is designed to heighten exchange between students and faculty to levels that we have never experienced before. These students will learn the right way. With this new asset, we can be a leader and beyond.” - Chancellor Leo Morton, at Media Preview Day  

“We recognize the value of experiential learning but we've been limited due to the facilities – we need to be in an environment with adaptability and flexibility to accommodate that kind of an experience. This building does that. We are extremely excited. I have not run into a student that didn't say – ‘I hope my class is in the new building.’ It showcases what the Bloch School is all about.” - Dave Donnelly, Acting Dean, at Media Preview Day  

“With this new facility, students will have a great set of tools and we know they'll be successful.” - Bob Simmons, Associate Vice Chancellor -- Administration, at Media Preview Day  

“The Bloch School has become a leader and model in entrepreneurship and innovation teaching, research and venture creation. We teach students through experiential learning that drives them to test their ideas, put them in to practice, and launch ventures.” - Michael Song, Executive Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Missouri - Kansas City  

“The design has a multitude of wonderful elements. The building’s transparent, textured skin, skylights and the use of the roof as exterior space made an exceptional place for learning. A simple building shape reveals a wide array of interaction and learning opportunities with maximum flexibility within.” - 2013 AIA Central States Awards, Jury Comment

“BNIM held a lively dialogue with the public to get input on the functional and aesthetic vision for Grand, and came up with a conceptual design solution which was beautiful, functional, contemporary, and cost effective.” - Kristin Riott, Director of Community Outreach, Bridging the Gap   “BNIM's leadership on the Grand Boulevard Streetscape Plan resulted in a vision for a revitalized Grand Boulevard connecting several important nodes within the city and serving as an icon and precedent for Kansas City.” - Mark McHenry, Director, City of Kansas City, Missouri - Parks and Recreation

“This may be the most open, collaborative and important process the city of Tuscaloosa has ever engaged.” - Tuscaloosa News, Sunday July 3, 2011   "I am extremely proud of the work our community and our planning team put into the recently completed Tuscaloosa Forward: A strategic Community Plan to Renew and Rebuild. In the wake of the devastating April 27, 2011 tornado, the community came together in the face of great adversity to help one another and work together to achieve a better future. We have known from the start that it is our citizens who are going to lead us to a better tomorrow. I have been honored to watch countless hours of work that community members have put towards rebuilding Tuscaloosa into something even better than it was before. It will be their plans, their hopes, and their dreams that honor those who died in the storm. I am impressed with the planning team's ability to integrate traditional public meetings with new media and online collaboration tools to capture the true voice and priorities of the public. Hundreds of ideas from thousands of residents were created during this planning process, and it is clear that the ideas we received from the public are fully integrated. The plan is truly citizen-driven.   'One Tuscaloosa - respecting all communities by supporting each other as we rebuild.' This was one citizen's online comment, and I believe it shows how unified Tuscaloosa has become through teamwork and support. The result of all this work is not just an excellent plan, but also a community made strong by the optimistic act of dialogue and planning for our shared future." -Mayor Walter Maddox, August 26 2011

“This is clearly a 21st century building.” - Karl Brooks, Regional Administrator, Federal EPA

To Our Mother Tornado, Teatro V!da Emmy Cepeda, Jasmine Jimenez, Keila Matos, and Zoe April Martinez (Facilitated by Magdalena Gomez)   Our Mother came to clean up a disaster:   Isolation. To join our hands and create the city we all want: security, connection, cleanliness, beauty fresh-feeling parks where we enjoy freedom. City of equality. to let go of egos and begin at the bottom.   Our Mother came to clean up a disaster:   Ignorance. “They’re just kids” you say we don’t know what we want but when we talk we are ignored; now it’s our turn to speak. You had your chance. Empty streets scream fear. People feel insecure in their own homes.   Our Mother came to clean up a disaster:   Fear. Our Mother, helping her children the North and the South make peace, work together like they should to help our city be reborn. She gave us a blank page so we can draw colorful streets full of lights, clean and beautiful.   Our Mother came to clean up a disaster:   Domination. This is not a game, no more fighting for trophies on the wall. We stand for our home, our city; we see her She wants change; productive change. Now I stand for my home, my city.   Our Mother came to clean up a disaster.   Good people the city wants our well-being her family engaged in daily change from neighborhood to neighborhood   When I hear “impossible” I say, “I’m Possible” Everything is possible. We are possible.   Let us destroy deception and hypocrisy.   Name is of no value here- We need Action, Voice, Conviction. An impossible vision placed perhaps above monetary gain but never above the People’s desire for justice.

“We were impressed with what the architect could do with a small budget in creating very compelling spaces and an overall project that seemed like a really great community asset.”   “[The project is a] real accomplished use of materials and taking these very industrial materials and ennobling them in certain way to bring it up to an institutional level.”   “Very restrained and elegant project.”   — AIA Kansas City Jury Comments, 2015    

“[The project’s] commitment to contrast, light and dark, and texture with daylight, make each move matter — each window, each slot, each bend, curve, fold or slit in the chapel, so carefully done. Sparse interiors, streamlined palette, and exposed bones of the building keep one aware of simple things. This is a religious, timeless place. Clear expansion plan will only amplify the power of the diagram.”   — AIA Central States Jury Comments, 2016    

“This project is a fine example of creative architects’ skill of doing much with little – delivering a skillful composition with clear, straightforward detailing that elevates its modest palette of materials and suburban site. The inventive manner in which light is introduced into the tower and the sanctuary is surprising and powerful. The design presents for us an inventive merging of common building components, systems and textures – all controlled by a sophisticated compositional eye.”   — AIA Kansas Jury Comments, 2016

“I have been deeply moved by the ‘will’ of BNIM and others to help make the Bancroft dream a reality for our community!” - Saundra A. Hayes, President 2011 - 2013, Historic Manheim Park Association   “The Bancroft School project is not just a building. It’s an impact machine.” - Bryan Bell, Founder and Executive Director, Design Corps

“The building gained a lot of currency by its contrast to the detail and stonework to the older building that it is adjacent to more so than if it had been a free standing structure.    The building's contrast of materials was sympathetic to existing materials. It is really hard to succeed by taking existing materials and extending them, and the team had the discipline to not go down that route. This allowed the new playhouse to show off the change and transformation.   There was a directness to this project through its structure, quality of light, material use, which supports the overall idea. We appreciated the contrast and simplicity of the steel box.”   — 2014 AIA KC Jury Comments

“This is one that put a smile on all our faces. There was a fire, and it destroyed just about everything on this church except for the stone walls. For the community to come together and rebuild this, and do it in such a thoughtful, elegant, and modern way, was something the jury really applauded.”  

“The use of light, the study of how light came into the building, the way the building met the sidewalk, the way it clearly distinguished what was new versus what was old — we all thought it was very well-handled.”  

“Many times, churches are built off the street and almost in their own private realm. By adding this community room, adding new landscape features, lifting the roof of the whole structure a couple of feet above the existing walls to bring in light — it seems like everything was done to really give the building a new life.”  

“It wasn’t just a restoration, it was a repositioning of the whole church itself. It made for a better building, and we think more connected to the community.”       

“The delicacy of the new interior detailing provides an elegant counterpoint with the rough and rustic nature of the original stone shell of the historic church. The jury found the design to be impressive in its sculpting of light. The project exhibits a strong sense of promenade and experience. The jury observed that the design seems to respond quite strongly to its context — clear upon approach and entry, while offering surprises within.”  

— AIA Kansas Jury Comments, 2016

"From the owner's perspective, the most sensitive issues centered on the project being completed on time, on budget, and that responded to all of our needs and unique requirements. The project has been very successful on all these counts. It was delivered ahead of schedule by six months and was under budget through the collaborative approach between BNIM and the construction manager." - David Lovetere, Project Manager, MC Realty Group LLC

"BNIM's presence in Kansas City is strongly evident and tells a story of civic mindedness and transformation, which has led to improved urban vitality and a more beautiful civic experience. With each of their many significant downtown projects - including Kansas City Southern's wonderful headquarters - BNIM has helped to make Kansas City a better place." - Michael Haverty, Non-Executive Chairman, Kansas City Southern

“There are elements of [BNIM's] efforts which merit special mention... Their dedication to their principle of having Executive Hills people involved throughout each project; their ability to bring our projects in on time, within budget; and their ability to handle large, complex projects.”
- Larry Bridges, President, Executive Hills Management, Inc.

“The Deramus Pavilion is outstanding both for its architectural superiority and for the effectiveness of the accompanying landscaping. The overall project shows how the natural and built environments can be integrated to spectacular effect. [...] It would be difficult to find a building in Kansas City that conveys a greater sense of freedom of movement and tactile richness.” - E. Thomas McClanahan, Editorial Writer, The Kansas City Star

"We were impressed that BNIM didn't have a preconceived notion about what our building should be. They started by developing a thorough understanding of our business operation and what we had in mind for the future. Our success depends in large part on the attitudes, morale, and productivity of our employees. That concern always figured prominently in their design decisions."
- Jeff Parker, Facilities Administrator

“BNIM's task was also to coordinate with entire project, the multiple stakeholders, the program manager and the varied array of other architects, engineers and specialty consultants. BNIM has worked collaborated in a highly professional manner and has worked hard to ensure the success of the project… I look forward to the opening of this grand facility.” - David Greenbaum, Vice President, SmithGroup, Inc.   “We found BNIM's contribution to be of consistent high quality, always providing us with exceptional service. We also learned that they are excellent collaborators because of their open, inclusive approach. We have since commissioned BNIM for other projects for Union Station… each project has benefited immeasurably from their involvement.” - Turner White, (former) Chief Executive Officer, Union Station Kansas City, Inc.

“BNIM has exceeded every expectation we had for the performance of our architectural consultants. Our goal was to create an innovative building that sets new standards for energy efficiency and environmental design and the results are superb. BNIM has consistently fostered an inclusive, comprehensive design approach in project definition, research, concept generation, synthesis proposal and critique, and ultimately communication. We have been very pleased with their dedication to not only “the project” but to the people and the place they are serving.” - JB Bancroft, AIA, Dean, College of Arts and Architecture, Montana State University

“BNIM was charged to provide creative solution sets that were to support a corporate culture shift. The result was a Universal Plan that created work station standards and flexibility for the facility change that keeps our ongoing facility move costs low. BNIM's Universal Plan solution has served us well to this date. Jan Duffendack provided outstanding project management oversight; Jan formed a support team of BNIM staff that was enthusiastic and creative. BNIM was willing to put in the effort to achieve our desired outcomes. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City recognizes the outstanding contribution BNIM made to our building project.” - Tama Putthoff, Vice President Corporate Services, BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City

"They captured that spirit we were looking for: interdisciplinary, easy flow. Lots of spaces where people can sit down and have the impromptu conversation that often lead to an exciting idea." - Roger L. Mitchell, Dean Emeritus of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (MU)  

"The BNIM team has been outstanding In their ability to work with our planning committee, which includes faculty from the Colleges of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Arts and Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Human and Environmental Sciences Engineering and the School of Medicine. BNIM was instrumental in bringing the many voices to create a unified vision for what will be a flagship facility for our campus. In addition, they also worked closely with out in-house architectural and engineering staff to ensure the building met our rigorous design and technical requirements. I have also found their project management and design skills to be exceptional. Casey Cassias and Mark Kohles have been ensuring the design integrity of the Life Sciences Center. I have known and worked with many of the individuals at BNIM and have a great senses of security with the quality depth of staff that BNIM provides." - Robert Simmons, former University Architect for the University of Missouri system  

"The Building has been set up with lots of what we call collision zones. In Chemistry when things collide you get a reaction. When two people can interact in a hall or corner discuss an idea, that's when you get new ideas and new things happening. Students see how this happens they grow and thrive under this." - Dr. G. Michael Chippendale, Ph.D.   "The Center is kind of a catalyst that brings people together doing such different things." - Mannie Liscum, Biological Sciences Professor and Associate Dean of MU's Graduate School  

"The Life Sciences Center means a lot to me because I have always been interested in interdisciplinary research .I believe people work better when they have contact with other people. I believe that ideas don't just occur in back rooms or offices or even in libraries, but that they occur from people conversing with each other and discussing ideas. And so the concept of this building attracted me -- the openness, the ability of people who are essentially extroverts in their science running into each other, the idea of them also not all being in the same area but bringing in new ideas, that this would spawn a sort of innovation that you would not normally encounter in a department." - R. Micheal Roberts, LCS Scientific Director  

"We have had the pleasure for working with a number of people in the firm and have a great sense of security with the quality depth of staff that BNIM provides. We have been gratified by the supportive and cooperative way they worked with us on this project. their respect for the assignment of responsibilities and their constructive contributions. They are extremely thorough and precise. We have complete confidence that the construction documents will likewise be thorough and precise and will faithfully carry out the design intent.   BNIM is known, in its own right, as a highly regarded design firm. We have been gratified by the supportive and cooperative way they have worked with us on this project, their respect for the assignment of responsibilities and their constructive contributions. They are thorough and precise. We have complete confidence that the construction documents will likewise be thorough and precise and will faithfully carry out the design intent. For BNIM, Tom Nelson is the Project Principal and Casey Cassias is the Project Manager. Both Tom and Casey have been great to work with. We have developed a strong mutual respect and a positive spirit of working together. Because of that, I am sure that Life Sciences Center will be an outstanding addition to the University of Missouri, Columbia campus." - Gregory Blackburn, AIA LEED AP

"BNIM's presence in Kansas City is strongly evident and tells a story of civic mindedness and transformation, which has led to improved urban vitality and a more beautiful civic experience. With each of their many significant downtown projects—including Kansas City Southern's wonderful headquarters—BNIM has helped to make Kansas City a better place." - Michael Haverty

“The work done by BNIM in 2000 for the centennial renovation of the historic Folly Theater, specifically, the design of expanded lobby space with bar concession and expanded restroom facilities represented a tremendous improvement that essentially doubled the effective size of our public lobbies. Because the project involved re-adapting the area that formerly served as our administrative office, one challenge was to deal with the change of ceiling height from very high to very low, which was creatively addressed through the design of a vaulted ceiling that beautifully makes this transition. Given the limited space within which to work, we feel the functionality of our "new" lobby design could not be better.” - Doug Tatum   “By the time remodeling began, local birds had succeeded in making their presence readily apparent: nine tons of pigeon and other droppings were hauled away. When the theater opened in 1981, architect Bob Berkebile placed a pair of plaster pigeons above the box office, naming them Joan and George, after the Dillons, who were so instrumental in saving the theater.” - Donna Francis, Kansas City Public Library Archive

"Over the past two and half years we have been worked closely with BNIM on the Plaza Colonnade project. This is a mixed -use development with over over 275,000 square feet of office space, a new public library, and a small retail component. Our relationship with BNIM, from design of the project, through construction administration, has been first rate. They have been responsive to our desires of the design of the building as well as the day-to-day contact with the base building construction. BNIM has been responsive to the tenant’s requests but has kept the interests of the developer clearly in mind. This situation has been a good experience." - Jack Fox, Director of Development, Highwoods Properties

"While working with BNIM on the Plaza Colonnade project it was clear that they had a very thorough understand of high-rise buildings with a multi-tenant function combined with outstanding design skills. The project required the joining of a public Library facility with a multi- tenant office building above, creating several complex issues related to identity, security, and functional separation—all of which were solved within an especially beautiful and functional design. BNIM was able to solve operational issues while at the same time creating an extraordinary design through the careful study of the building orientation and massing. The inventive design was carried into the main lobby as well, creating a distinctive public space for users and visitors. By maintaining a visual connection that allows the appearance of spatial continuity, BNIM was able to provide the required separation for different users; The Office user functions separately from the Library user, while operating as part of dinstict whole. BNIM’s design contribution to this project was thoughtful and thorough, providing a signature space that should be expected in a building of this kind. BNIM was able to address and resolve all of the challenges of the Plaza Colonnade project. They are adept at providing solutions that respond to the complexities of program and the sensibilities of budget. They work collaboratively with their clients to satisfy needs and concerns, while providing the highest level of design and management leadership." - Jon Copaken, Director of Development, Copaken White and Blitt

"BNIM has exceeded every expectation we had for the performance of our architectural consultants. Our goal was to create an innovative building that sets new standards for energy efficiency and environmental design and the results are superb. BNIM has consistently fostered an inclusive, comprehensive design approach in project definition, research, concept generation, synthesis proposal and critique, and ultimately communication. We have been very pleased with their dedication to not only “the project” but to the people and the place they are serving." - J.B. Bancroft, AIA, Dean, College of Arts and Architecture, Montana State University “BNIM Architects has exceeded every expectation we had for the performance of our architectural consultants ... From the beginning BNIM has provided a perspective that enlarged our vision and enlivened the scope of our project. Our shared goal moved beyond the construction of a “green building” to restoring the site, and contributing to the vitality of the economy and environment of our unique bioregion while setting new environmental standards for design, construction and operations of the built environment." - J.B. Bancroft, AIA, Dean, College of Arts and Architecture, Montana State University "BNIM’s ability to assemble and focus such a diverse team and their interest in maximizing the educational potential of the project is remarkable. BNIM has consistently fostered an inclusive, comprehensive design approach in project definition, research, concept generation, synthesis proposal and critique, and ultimately communication. We have been very pleased with their dedication to not only “the project” but to people and the place they are serving." - J.B. Bancroft, AIA, Dean, College of Arts and Architecture, Montana State University

“We were fortunate to have professional, creative, and "out-of- the-box" architect-designers who were willing and able to lead the project from beginning to end. They guided us through envisioning, design, consensus building and approval from all the necessary constituencies, to realization. There were many days when they went well beyond what I might even hope to expect. They supported me as a client as well as the project and, ultimately, invested in the project with much more than their professionalism and expertise. They cared for our success when they were on the job, and they continue to care for our success, even now.” - Raechell Smith, Director & Curator, H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute

"I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the wonderful James Library and Learning Center. I'm so glad all you had an opportunity to attend our celebration dinner last week, and hope you heard many good comments about the renovated building and beautiful new addition. I think it is a stellar project. Thanks for all of your hard work on this project . As always, it is a pleasure to work with you." - Kathleen Collins, former president, KCAI

“The leadership of JE Dunn truly believes that we maximized our investment by selecting BNIM to design our corporate headquarters addition and renovation... Your organization is creative and service-oriented to your clients... We constantly receive positive feedback from clients and the public who visit our building.” - Terry Dunn, President and CEO, JE Dunn

"Great package... Process, Product, and Detail."   "Very readable and comprehensive."   "Superb attention to detail."   "Graphics very understandable."   "The vision of 'a balance among people, planet and prosperity' was well communicated." - 2005 ASLA Upstate NY Awards Jury comments   "Great example at every scale of investigation... love the hand renderings... addressed the re-use of military bases and brownfields, important issues for our time... form-driven, responds to the character of the place that it is unclichéd... compelling presentation..." - 2005 Professional Awards Jury Comments, ASLA National   “The ASLA Award of Excellence serves as a testament to the citizens of North Charleston and the Noisette Project design team in implementing a sustainable vision for the City’s future. At its core, Noisette is about people. Thousands of citizens worked closely with our development team, local government and the design team over a period of three years in developing the master plan, which reflects the collective wisdom of the community and the expertise of the design team. In practical terms, the master plan addresses a range of initiatives which address community needs, including social justice, economic development, environmental restoration, the arts, and human health in building. Noisette represents a new benchmark for sustainable thinking, a prototype for the future of community revitalization.” - John Knott, CEO/President, The Noisette Company   “The Noisette Community Master Plan outlines new standards for creating a vibrant, healthy city, embracing its heritage and celebrating its role as a community, ecosystem, and marketplace. It’s gratifying to see this unique collaboration between a developer, a renowned team of planners and the local community selected for the ASLA’s highest honor.” - Bob Berkebile, FAIA, Principal/Founder, BNIM   On Noisette, by noted Architectural Advocate Michael Sorkin, in response to the question: What recent architecture, landscape architecture, and/or urban design projects or kinds of projects do you consider best and/or most important, and why?   “Anything that makes life better is supportable. This includes contributions to density and the fight against sprawl via growth boundaries and urban infill, innovations in environmental design from green roofing to sustainable modes of energy generation and conservation, housing diversity, the elaboration of the physical realm of public activity, and the making of beautiful buildings. Here are a dozen good examples: The green and communal urbanism at Noisette in North Charleston, South Carolina, where a genuine "public-private" partnership is raising the quality of the social and physical environments for both the poor and the middle class." - Michael Sorkin, Nine Questions About the Present and Future of Design, Stocktaking 2004, Harvard Design Review

I have had the good fortune to work with the BNIM/CDFM2 team on our new 100,000 square foot office building in downtown Kansas City Kansas. Thomas Knittel, AIA, as project designer, led the team to go beyond the conventional office building in a solution that will be a sustaining symbol of the Board of Public Utilities' presence in our city. Our initial goals of "signature building, leading edge, adaptable, customer and employee friendly, abundant light, secure and energy conscious" have been creatively incorporated in the design. The building promises to foster a sense of community, with common areas anchored around the two light-filled stair towers.
BNIM/CDFM2's work on the structure is commendable and has led to their selection for the interiors and graphics design packages. We are excited about the new facility, scheduled to be complete in September of 2002.
Thomas Knittel, AIA, as project designer, led the team to go beyond the conventional office building in a solution that will be a sustaining symbol of the Board of Public Utilities' presence in our city. Our initial goals of "signature building, leading edge, adaptable, customer and employee friendly, abundant light, secure and energy conscious" have been creatively incorporated in the design.   The building promises to foster a sense of community, with common areas anchored around the two light-filled stair towers.
Lanny Uden

“The essence of communication. Looks like a lot of fun. This project takes important content and formats it elegantly and accessibly. Easy to share. All the material you need for teachers to work with younger students and tie it into the curriculum. A broad variety of classes can use it.” - David Yocca, Jury Chair, 2011 National ASLA Awards Jury

"Throughout the design and building phase, BNIM used a cohesive team approach. We had a very strict budget and tight schedule, and BNIM worked well within our goals."
- R.D. Kennedy, Former President and CEO, MAST Advertising
"The building is one of the most beautiful visual experiences I have ever had, from the graduated corner windows to the columns around the top story, from the small windows to the elegant red granite, to the setting among the trees. I would not even try to be an architectural critic, but I appreciate that building's being there, and I feel if it could speak it would say ‘I belong here, and only in this way'."
- Unknown

“The Garst Dining Center renovation converted what was a dated, 1980s 'brass and ferns' interior to a very relevant, open, and airy, upscale interior. Students have obviously responded to its casual but classy interior. This past year, the number of meals served at the center have nearly doubled over previous years.” - Terry Rowland, Project Manager   “BNIM joined the Missouri State University team on the design of two complete dining center renovations and additions on our campus.  Each of these projects clearly reflected their sense of place on our campus.  The projects have been warmly received by not only the students, but the food service staff as well.  Thank you for helping us make our dining centers an exciting place for our students to gather.” - Douglas Sampson, University Architect, Director of Planning, Design & Construction, Missouri State University

"The very best libraries are deeply embedded in their community and devoted to meeting its aspirations. BNIM’s design for the renewal of the Georgia Tech Library gives the campus a powerful symbol of the library’s integral relationship with Georgia Tech’s history and its hopes for the future. My library colleagues and I moved out of Crosland Tower, a crumbling brick silo designed for storing books in windowless spaces and returned in 2019 to a light-filled, energy efficient space for humans. With glass where there used to be walls, higher ceilings, beautiful city views, and plenty of daylight, the buildings remind us constantly to turn ourselves and our programs outward toward the campus and Atlanta. Far more than a renovation of two mid-20th century buildings, BNIM’s work is truly a renewal of the spirit of the library and a reminder of its connection to people, place, and time."  

Dean Catherine Murray-Rust, Georgia Tech Library - Price Gilbert Crosland Tower Renewal

"We're proud of our new facility, showing tradition and modernity in harmony together."   -Dean Tim DeNoble, KSU College of Architecture, Planning, and Design

“A great example of the rich heritage of modern architecture across the United States, this is a loving rehabilitation of a beautiful example of commercial architecture designed by a renowned architect, that is still serves as the home of the original company.”   - DOCOMOMO Jury Comments, 2017

“[The team] demonstrated an exceptional sensitivity to preserving the work of great design from another era. This is an important legacy building for the state and the design team treated it with thoughtful deference.”   - AIA Iowa Jury Comments, 2017    

“What they committed to doing is taking the building apart, replacing all of these systems, and then putting the building back together as if it had just been finished.”   “We found the new interiors to be so responsive to the architecture of the overall building, that even if this building had been built new today, it would be a spectacular design.”   “In this case, we have a client who was obviously willing to invest extensively in bringing this building back, bringing it into the 21st century. We just have to congratulate the success of the design team and the willingness of the client to make this kind of investment.”   – AIA Kansas City Jury Comments, 2015    

“This exquisite renovation brings a classic midcentury office building back to life. Design interventions enhance the luminous transparency of the façade while addressing contemporary life safety issues and outdated building systems. Extensive research and restraint led to clear decisions regarding what to repair and what to replace, inviting the structure into the 21st century.”   “This is an example of a rehabilitation that has perhaps resulted in a project that surpasses the qualities of the original.”   – AIA Kansas Jury Comments, 2016

“Water Services continues to grow the Journey of Stormwater: KC to the Sea program. As of the end of the 2014-2015 school year, the curriculum has been taught in over 40 public, private, charter and parochial schools, reaching over 7,200 students within the Water Services service area.”  — Lara Isch, Environmental Manager at City of Kansas City, MO - Kansas City Water Services

"The BNIM architects did an amazing job of designing a state-of-the-art addition that recognizes who we are and how we go about our work of educating students and creating new knowledge.  For example, the addition is filled with windows and sky-lights for daylighting, has ample space for spontaneous collaborative learning with tables, chairs, and technology distributed through-out.  The architects worked closely with our faculty and staff to learn what we need to achieve even more; as a result we now have a beautiful fluids lab that includes a wind tunnel, a tow tank, state-of-the-art visualization capabilities, and more.  The addition also has modern classrooms which seamlessly support active learning, collaborative learning, or traditional lectures.  We have a design studio that encourages our students to explore and develop their creative skills.  There are numerous new state-of-the-art research labs to support our thriving research enterprise. In short, this new addition makes us better – it enhances everything that we do."
-Alec Scranton, Dean, College of Engineering
"The ample daylighting in the building and the attractive views of the landscaping have created a space where people want to spend their time. A series of bioswales that were installed along the hillside adjacent to the building provide both beautiful vegetation and functionality since they serve to naturally cleanse the watershed from the building and the nearby street."
-Alec Scranton, Dean, College of Engineering

“Working with BNIM was great. They were very collaborative and worked with us to help us better define our needs and vision, and then they came up with a wonderful design. We wanted to create a space that would help us bring the Informatics community together — from all corners of the University, from art to medicine — to foster collaborations, scholarship, and training.” — Gregory Carmichael, Director, University of Iowa Informatics Initiative

"BNIM takes a very site specific approach in their planning efforts, and in doing so allows for community engagement, through tactical urbanism, to be embedded and integrated into the value system of their design strategy. We’ve been most impressed with their genuine excellence and holistic approach to sustainability and urban density as it relates to the design of the office space within Makers Quarter. By intertwining public realm and open space, they’ve helped us to create an environment that appeals most competitively to prospective tenants and our ethos of future workplace.”  
Stacey Pennington, Makers Quarter Client, Principal/Founder of SLP Urban Planning

“The Pacific Center Campus Building really struck the jury in several ways. One is that it could have been a fairly banal office and research center, but it wasn’t. It really embraced the sense of sociology and workplace that clearly was desired. We loved the spacemaking — bending the bars and shaping them to create space in the center of essentially a mini campus, as well as the connection to the larger setting and the views beyond. These were both very strong.”  

“Another piece that we loved about the project was the bridging: bridging both literally, the seamless, clean simple slabs that connected between the buildings, as well as bridging between the two buildings more visually and the visual connections, and having that center space as a showpiece in the middle of the campus."

"When we were discussing this project, one of the things that really struck was the deliberate, beautiful, elegant way that the designers worked to connect people, but to also connect to the natural setting. Not only in terms of the massing of the project, down to the details, the view, the light, how buildings related to each other and created the courtyard as the centerpiece of all that.”

— AIA Kansas City Jury Comments, 2016  

"[This project] makes the everyday experience, and the health and well-being of the employee a top priority. The project goes beyond challenging the typical office building by becoming a lively and appropriate part of its environment."

— AIA Iowa Excellence in Design Awards

“[The Amenities Building is] masterful in doing what some of the best architecture does by integrating with the landscape and defining great exterior space.”  — AIA Iowa Jury Comments, 2017  

“[The Amenities Building] succeeds in creating a porous yet well-defined space on the campus, appropriate to its shared amenities purpose. [Its] strong plan holds the circulation and outdoor deck to the perimeter, activating the court at ground level and above. [It] encourages and supports the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the San Diego climate.”   — AIA Central States Jury Comments, 2016

“This project was very exciting on two levels: the juxtaposition of the window system that made the facade so interesting and the variety of finishes used for the precast concrete panels. The precast concrete design was well thought through and was handled in a straightforward and honest manner while creating a dramatic look. The use of color helped give the building some scale and differentiate the base from the tower. The thin floor plates allowed daylight into the space and also captured outdoor space for public use.” - 2011 Ascent Magazine, PCI Awards Jury Comments

“This new complex is truly state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency and sets an example for the way all new buildings should be built.”  — Dr. Joi Lin Blake, Superintendent / President, Palomar Community College District   "I believe that for most of the occupants, the most beneficial aspect of the building design is a combination of the amount of natural daylight and the volume of the space which was done to enhance passive ventilation strategies and increase storage capacity. The brightness of the spaces (without artificial lighting) and volume give the design a distinct feeling of lightness to it that is palpable.  The result has been a noticeable change in staff mood from one of tension and grumpiness to now one of happiness and enthusiasm. For me personally, the amount of daylight and the fact that I can just look up from my computer screen and see across the room to the outside where I have a view of the bio-retention basin with its lush landscaping and the surrounding hills is rejuvenating. Almost every day I find myself taking a minute to walk to the exterior windows just to look out at the landscaping and views. Just a short amount of time re-energizes me both physically and mentally, to complete the next task or finish out the day." - Dennis Astl R.A., CCM, LEED AP, Manager, Construction & Facilities Planning, Palomar Community College   "While I am happy to say that we have definitely become an example to the rest of the District, the most surprising and unanticipated outcome of the project has been that we have become an example to our local community, region and with the recent GREEN GOOD DESIGN award, the world of good sustainable design. While we are honored to serve as that example, it was not something that we ever contemplated achieving.  For me personally, the most gratifying experience has been when staff have brought their families in to take a look at where they work and to have their children, all under the age of 10, all tell me that they REALLY like the building. These are completely unsolicited comments from kids still young enough not to be jaded by stereotypes or politics, etc. To know that we have provided a place for their parents to work that children (the most honest of human beings) like is the greatest compliment we could ever receive." - Dennis Astl R.A., CCM, LEED AP, Manager, Construction & Facilities Planning, Palomar Community College

"This renovation has completely transformed the Nelson-Atkins. Each room in the new galleries is unique and very beautiful." -Henry Bloch, Founder, H&R Block

“We really appreciated the integration of building and landscape; the building section of the addition is really wonderful. It really creates strong uses and connections between the old and the new. From the interior of the new building you really get interesting perspectives to the existing and there’s a really strong presence of the original architecture in the new. It’s very respectful, very modest, but really well detailed. The quality of craft and thought that was put into it was really exceptional.”   —Jennifer Yoos, FAIA, VJAA 2018 AIA Kansas City Design Excellence Awards jury member

 “I love the glass across the front of the first story so people on the inside of that lobby space can look out at the park, [and] people on the outside can see what’s happening in the museum. We belong to the community and the campus, and that transparency, I think, is a metaphor for how we want to function. We want to function in partnership with the people in this community.”

"The proportions of those galleries just sing; they are perfect. They manage to be capacious and intimate. [...] They’re very humanizing.”

“The flexibility we have [on the second floor] is also key to be able to tailor the size of our galleries to suit our needs whether we are bringing in a traveling exhibition, showcasing our collection, or helping our students and faculty curate.” 
- Lauren Lessing, Director of the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art

"....Wherever you are in the museum, you’re just a glance away from knowing that lightwell is taking you to the other floors or the center of the building so there’s always a place to center your attention and know where you are as you enjoy the work in the Stanley Museum of Art.”
- Rod Lehnertz, Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations, The University of Iowa (Chat from the Old Cap Interview, The University of Iowa Center for Advancement)  

“I’m really proud of the things that we do here at Johnson County Community College. I’m proud of what we did in our old facilities, and I’m giddy to be in this new building. I’m really happy that our facilities are finally matching the quality of our students, faculty, and programming.”
—Mark Cowardin, Fine Arts Professor / Chair, Johnson County Community College  

“I can’t say enough positive things about BNIM.  They did a wonderful job for us.”
—Dr. Joseph M. Sopcich, President of Johnson County Community College

“I can’t say enough positive things about BNIM.  They did a wonderful job for us.” Dr. Joseph M. Sopcich, President of Johnson County Community College

“This ambitious overall plan beautifully reaches back to the history of the campus . . . putting parking underground and creating a new green with surrounding buildings is brilliant . . . wonderful and inspiring."


BNIM’s vision for the transformation of the east end of our campus starts with an underground parking garage — not a building type that often connects to nature.  Not only does ours connect, it celebrates the experience of arrival, community, and sustainability, offering views, natural light, landscape, clear wayfinding, generous space, a green roof park, and the possibility for adaptive reuse that has become a memorable and positive campus experience.

James Kolker, FAIA, (former) University Architect, Associate Vice Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis


“I really enjoyed the ease of the entire experience, from when we parked our car directly under the welcome center to when I wrapped up my interview and headed of campus.”

“A beautiful campus, amazing facilities, and endless opportunities for me! I loved it!”

“The new part of campus is amazing.”

"The project has enabled a significant addition of research labs, studios, an expanded art museum, welcome center and cafe — all in service of the university’s mission and values.  What has surprised and delighted me is the countless visitors who have shared feedback about how great the parking is.  It’s become a place of campus community, where colleagues bump into each other and first time visitors marvel at the adjacent garden court and circulation spaces that frame views of the sky.

BNIM’s vision for the transformation of the east end of our campus starts with an underground parking garage — not a building type that often connects to nature.  Not only does ours connect, it celebrates the experience of arrival, community, and sustainability, offering views, natural light, landscape, clear wayfinding, generous space, a green roof park, and the possibility for adaptive reuse that has become a memorable and positive campus experience.  This can’t be said for many underground parking garages.

They helped us think differently about what a parking structure could be; stretching our thinking and identifying opportunities to be better than the expected. We were just thinking about parking - the BNIM team made it about 'the possibilities for the arrival experience to the university campus.' "

- James Kolker, FAIA, University Architect, Associate Vice Chancellor

“We always knew we wanted to create an office experience that would really inspire the team. [...] I have to say, it’s pretty amazing to see how this new office has really come together and has supported productivity and collaboration, and even more so, to see how our team is truly thriving from it.”   —Ashley Reichel, VP of Operations, BASIC Agency

“I am grateful for every architect that includes people with disabilities in their design process, and every one of them should because if we don’t design for the most marginalized people from the get go, then we are leaving someone behind. The team that created The Harkin Institute from the ground up left no person with a disability out of the process, and that gives hope for future architects to follow their lead to create spaces that welcome everyone fully.”

“The Harkin Institute building on the Drake Campus is a physical embodiment of the values that Senator Harkin brought to his leadership in Congressional efforts to improve accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities. The various universal design features of the building, informed by a diverse group of stakeholders with disabilities, make the Institute a place to experience the inherent beauty of inclusive design. I was grateful to participate on the advisory group for the building and I am excited for the influence this structure will have on generations of students, faculty and visitors to the Drake Campus for years to come.”

"This is effectively the new face of the airport as a new elevation. Architecturally elegant and intelligently planned. A beautifully executed utilitarian building. It elevates an often-overlooked building type into something remarkable."


“Field Stations are important to bring people out into nature and to support education and research about the natural environment.  When Missouri State University worked with BNIM to establish a second field site, they listened to our needs and wants (meeting/educational space, kitchen, showers, sleeping, etc.) and worked with us to make those happen.  We were able to reach our goal and had an aesthetically beautiful place where nature is the focus. “
Janice Greene, Former Director of the MSU Ozarks Education Center

"It's like a utilitarian jewel box. The built-ins are required for such a small house and they all work logically. Laminating the entire inside with plywood was a smart decision. Clear interventions added make it great; clear thinking of old versus new adds value."
- Steven Ehrlich, AIA Kansas Jury Chair

“Since good business — business with purpose — isn’t done in a silo, O’Brien Hall emphasizes innovative, collaborative spaces where our students are immersed in experiential learning and creative solutions every day."
 Tim Hanley, acting Keyes Dean of Business Administration    

“O’Brien Hall will serve as a convening space and a major catalyst to grow the pipeline of future Catholic, Jesuit-educated business leaders for years to come.”  Marquette President Michael R. Lovell