Better Block KC – First Friday Event, October 5

BNIM staffers have been working hard over the past several months helping the Downtown Neighborhood Association to organize a Better Block KC event to transform one block of Grand Boulevard for a day. Better Block events have been popping up around the country as an example of “tactical urbanism” – an innovative, grassroots way to implement infrastructure and policy changes.

Crowdsourced Urbanism: How to Leverage Social Media in Design Processes

How can design professionals best leverage social media and crowdsourcing technologies to enhance their services and design better places for people? Zach Flanders (BNIM), Nick Bowden (MindMixer), and Nicole Crutchfield (City of Fargo) share best practices and lessons learned for integrating these technologies into the planning and design process at the 2012 ASLA national annual meeting in Phoenix this week.

BNIM ♥ MS150

This past weekend, BNIM once again ventured into something new, by entering a team into the Bike MS-Kansas City Ride on September 22nd and 23rd to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society. The event involved close to 2,500 riders and easily an equivalent number of volunteers – it was an incredibly gratifying experience, and you will definitely see the trademark BNIM Orange at next year’s Ride.

The Power of Bolender

Around the firm, the Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity has been affectionately dubbed "the little project that could." In many ways this name stuck because of all of the hurdles that it has overcome: a dance company that has had many different homes and struggled to find a home to suit the caliber of it's dance troupes while remaining close to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

No One Knows As Much As Everyone

Collaboration is a key part of BNIM’s culture and practice that initially grew from within and has expanded through the years to define how we work with our clients, other designers and the building community. BNIM is not unique in having robust collaboration within the office and projects; however what may distinguish our approach to collaboration with other architects (landscape architects, planners, urban designers) is that we have developed three different models that we have employed over the past decade.

Design Peers

Greensburg 5 Years Later

Five years ago, on the night of May 4, 2007, an EF5 tornado nearly two miles wide ravaged the town of Greensburg, Kansas, resulting in a tragic loss of life, displacing more than 1,500 people and destroying 95 percent of the town’s homes and businesses.

At the State’s request, BNIM became an early contributor to the town’s initial recovery efforts, working with community members and town officials as well as local, state and federal organizations like the Federal Emergency Management Agency.