Building Positive

Transforming the Industry

BNIM's instrumental development of the USGBC, LEED and the Living Building concept, combined with projects, methods and research, shaped the direction of the sustainable movement. Through this involvement, the firm has redefined design excellence to elevate human experience together with aesthetics and building performance. In practice, this multifaceted design excellence has yielded national acclaim, including the AIA National Architecture Firm Award, and consistent design recognition nationally and internationally.

BNIM is Building Positive

This notion describes how BNIM leverages its collective capacity for design thinking to solve local and global issues in a way that is focused on building the positive attributes of community and the built environment. As a multidisciplinary firm that is building positive, our disciplines collaborate significantly on meaningful work that is carefully conceived for multiple returns and measurable results.

Human Purposed Integrated Design

Our approach to meeting design challenges is a resolute commitment to Human Purposed Integrated Design, or HP.ID.

HP | Human Purposed is a deep commitment to humanity as the origin of inspiration, innovation, and prosperity.
ID | Integrated Design is the delivery of insights enabled by clear communication among a diverse team of active collaborators with refined expertise.

Our HP.ID process stresses the human component of design because in a world of algorithmic music selection and suggestive online selling, humans have insights, instincts, and vitality that must be valued above all. Human Purposed Integrated Design supports invaluable human insight by focusing on specific needs that can be met and enhanced through inspired design:


We seek disruptive innovations that are comprehensive and exceed performance requirements across multiple measures.