BNIM Selected to Lead Design for Las Vegas Downtown Civic Center and Plaza

BNIM Selected to Lead Design for Las Vegas Downtown Civic Center and Plaza

Imagine a downtown civic center that is welcoming and inclusive, active and engaging, connective to the City of Las Vegas and the natural landscape of the Las Vegas Valley, and focused on enhancing the health and well-being of people and our environment. We are honored and excited to announce that our LGA / BNIM / OJB team has been selected to lead the design of the future Downtown Las Vegas Civic Center and Plaza.

“If we don’t solve the carbon and water issues of places like Las Vegas, we can’t solve the problems for the globe. Las Vegas is making a lot of headway on both issues, however, as the current climate issues facing the globe continue to worsen, it is not enough. The Civic Center project is an opportunity to demonstrate building net zero performance. With this project and through the future surrounding development that we have imagined, it will greatly reduce residential and transportation energy consumption due to an urban lifestyle that is closely connected to nature.” - Steve Mcdowell, BNIM President & CEO

The City held an online public vote where it came down to three architectural proposals for the design of a Downtown Civic Center Building and Plaza, which will be located across Clark Avenue from City Hall. On Wednesday, July 21, a City Council meeting was held for the announcement of the selection, where the votes were unanimous for the LGA / BNIM / OJB team. We look forward to bringing this design vision to life for the Downtown Las Vegas community!

The future Downtown Las Vegas Civic Center Building and Plaza designed by LGA / BNIM / OJB in collaboration with the City of Las Vegas will be:

A place where people want to be.

Weaving together the beloved elements of the Mojave Desert with the urban fabric of Las Vegas, the new civic center and plaza will become an authentic and engaging destination for all of downtown to utilize, to connect with community, and to participate in events and activities.

A catalyst for future growth.

The new civic center and plaza will become a transformative addition to Downtown Las Vegas, creating a catalyst for the City in achieving its 2050 Master Plan goals for community growth of 300,000 new residents.

An innovative office environment to support people and the planet.

With a dynamic team that brings local expertise and experience in the design of office facilities utilized by 100,000+ individuals and the creation of some of the most important civic spaces across the U.S., we will work with the City of Las Vegas to create an innovative, human-purposed workplace and community asset that is on the path to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. 

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