Frenetic Pause: the independent work of Levi Robb to be exhibited at the Volland Store

Frenetic Pause: the independent work of Levi Robb to be exhibited at the Volland Store

Opening Reception
Saturday | April 22, 2017 | 12-5 pm
The artist will speak at 2 pm

From April 22 through September 3, 2017, the work of Levi Robb will be featured at the Volland Store, a Place for Art and Community, located in Alma, KS.


Levi Robb is a visual artist who lives and works in Des Moines, IA. His work explores the entanglement of person and context — time and atmosphere. With a focus on the formal objectivity of place, the work is influenced by human interface with environment, landscape, and artifact. Through acts of printmaking, sculpture, installation and an interaction with locality the work emerges, a visual interpretation and record of an act in context.


The emanation of the work embodies a dichotomy between permanent and impermanent objects and mark making. Human relationship with site based artifacts, and the interrelationship between the material and immaterial, are often common underlying themes throughout his work. Through the analysis, manipulation and reinterpretation of latent items and specific spatial conditions the work takes on a continual timeline with an inherent connection to the past. This process yields a unique body of formal objects that concretize the idea of contemporary relics. The work encourages the viewer to take moments of pause from the frenetic existence of the modern day and observe object and place with a fully immersed presence that speaks to all the human senses.


In addition to his artistic explorations, Levis Robb is a Project Manager at BNIM in Des Moines. Levi has a wide knowledge of materials research and fabrication processes, which feeds his obsession for excellence in craft and design. He carries this passion into his role as Project Manager. He is a 2011 graduate of Iowa State University, where he received a Bachelor of Architecture.