Kristin Atkinson Named a 2016 CFO of the Year Honoree

BNIM's Chief Financial Officer, Kristin Atkinson, has been named a Kansas City Business Journal  2016 CFO of the Year Honoree in the for-profit company category. The program honors outstanding financial executives for their contributions to the success of area companies and nonprofit organizations. 

What makes Kristin particularly unique in her role as BNIM's CFO is that she is able to achieve a rare balance between delving deep into the firm’s financials while being able to clearly and effectively communicate key points to all employees. In this manner, she is able to engage the entire staff in the firm’s success. 

Her skills, honed through more than 30 years of experience in increasingly progressive financial leadership roles, have strengthened BNIM in terms of financial success, company growth, and generosity to employees. Her approach to the firm’s business mirrors BNIM’s approach to its work, which strives to impact the triple bottom line — people, planet, and prosperity. 

Kristin’s contributions to business strategy have allowed BNIM to achieve substantial growth, allowing the firm to expand its reach by establishing new offices and engaging on projects nationwide and abroad. Her approach is aligned with the firm’s mission, which balances business performance and design excellence with elevated employee wellness and satisfaction. Kristin makes each business decision with the core values in mind.

More info about the award and recipients can be found at this link.