Newly Licensed Architects Grow BNIM’s Ranks

Newly Licensed Architects Grow BNIM’s Ranks

BNIM is excited to celebrate some of its most recently licensed architects, who attained licensure after an exhaustive series of exams and logging hundreds of hours in practice.

Jason Kruse, AIA,

understands that it takes an interdisciplinary team to create innovative and human-centered design solutions. While at BNIM, Jason has played a significant role in the design, documentation, and implementation of numerous projects, including an addition to University of Iowa College of Engineering, a new Psychological and Brain Sciences building at the University of Iowa, and a complete interior renovation of the Des Moines Community Playhouse. Jason is a licensed architect in Iowa.

James Trower, AIA, 

joined BNIM’s Des Moines office in 2008. James has experience on a wide range of notable projects, including interior office renovations, mixed-use residential, historic restoration, residential, and higher education. He is currently working on the new University of Iowa Museum of Art. James is a licensed architect in Iowa.

Dan Siroky, AIA,

sees technology as a tool to aid in more thoughtful, data-driven, and sustainable design, having graduated from Iowa State University with a double major in Architecture and Environmental Studies and a minor in Digital Media. His daily contributions to BNIM include providing daylight analysis and optimization of shading systems, custom tool creation for the firm, and architectural renderings. Dan is a licensed architect in Missouri.

Additionally, two more young BNIM designers attained licensure in 2017:

Levi Robb, AIA, 

has a wide knowledge of materials research and fabrication processes, which feeds his obsession for excellence in craft and design. He is currently working on the Museum of Art at the University of Iowa. He has been involved in volunteer outreach projects, such as Iowa Flood Relief and Canstruction. Levi is a licensed architect in Iowa.

Jeremy Nelson, AIA, 

is an adept designer and project manager who embraces challenges with confidence and engagement. At BNIM, Jeremy has emerged as a resource for the integration of technology into architecture, implementing processes that are more nimble and efficient. He was an integral team member of the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University and currently working on The REACH at the John F. Kennedy Center. Jeremy is a licensed architect in Missouri.