“What we have been doing through our practice for many, many years is designing with this whole idea of lifting people up. It’s about really doing things that lift up human experiences, lift up human well-being in all the systems that support life on earth.”
- Steve McDowell, BNIM President

Design serves as a connector of people, planet, and place - enhancing the human experience, working in tandem with our natural systems, and creating meaningful outcomes that extend beyond a site itself to reach all corners of a community. From our homes to our neighborhoods, schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, public spaces and centers for art and culture, the impact of uplifting design is felt everywhere.

Creating environments that lift people up has always been fundamental to BNIM. This holiday season, we are focused on how we can uplift and inspire the human experience in wellness, comfort, and hope. Throughout the past year, we have seen our BNIM staff, peers, and collaborators unite in efforts and initiatives – even as we’ve been apart - to seek out solutions for positive change and to uplift communities through our work. As a firm, we have gained new insights, experiences, lessons, and goals that will guide us in the new year ahead.

We would like to share some of the projects and efforts that our BNIM staff have been working on during our 50th year that demonstrate uplifting design through healthy, human-purposed, equitable, sustainable, thoughtful environments.




Projects + Initiatives
--> Address: A BNIM Initiative for Equitable Development                                                               
--> Multifamily Housing             
--> West Bottoms Flats
--> Charity Hospital Redevelopment
--> Keeler Court Apartments                        



Projects + Initiatives
--> The Harkin Institute for Public Policy + Citizen Engagement
--> North Kansas City High School
--> Missouri State University Ozarks Education Center
--> The Center for Connected Learning at Moffitt Library
--> Price Gilbert + Crosland Tower Library Renewal




Projects + Initiatives
--> Future Flow
--> Future Flow Signage: Designing for Continuity and Resiliency
--> Return to the Workplace Survey
--> Check out BNIM's news page to see the webinars + virtual conferences BNIM staff presented at this year




Projects + Initiatives
--> Des Moines Heritage Center
--> Lutheran Church of Hope-Ankeny
--> Leawood Presbyterian Church 
--> Kansas State University McCain Auditorium
--> The University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art




Projects + Initiatives
--> BNIM's Bold Statement for Climate Action
--> Measuring Charity Hospital Blog Post
--> Subject To Change