Address - A BNIM Initiative for Equitable Development

BNIM’s address initiative brings a design-led development approach to housing affordability, community wealth-building, and sustainability.  We are breaking the traditional development mold.  Our design-led, people-focused approach begins and ends with the community. We work together with communities to solve the relevant challenges of today while creating a sustainable future. Through this approach, we are able to provide communities with beautiful design solutions, quality construction that lasts, and holistic positive impacts. The address initiative aims to help instigate, collaborate, and jumpstart projects that create beautiful, healthy, and accessible housing options. Taking a proactive approach, BNIM looks for partners that share our vision and opportunities to make it happen.

Here are a few resources for equitable housing funding and other topics:

Federal Financial Avenues  

IRA – Inflation Reduction Act  
Low Income Tax Incentive  
Project based Subsidies – Section 8  

Local Government Financial Avenues  

Subsidies from local government – SD Housing Commission  
Services subsidies – Ex: No Place Like Home 
Operation subsidies - PATH, PACE
Housing Trust Fund 
Public Banking (San Francisco Example) 
Land Trust Model 

What is the Housing First model?  

What is trauma-informed design? 

Relevant Projects

Ivy Senior Apartments 
Keeler Court Apartments