Better Block KC

Better Block events have popped up around the country as an example of an innovative, grassroots way to implement infrastructure and policy changes. BNIM-ers have helped the Downtown Neighborhood Association organize a Better Block KC event to transform one block of Grand Boulevard for a day, using low or no cost temporary solutions to inspire people about the possibilities of better, permanent design improvements.


The Catalyst Plan is an initiative of the Marlborough Community Coalition to discover and develop the rich assets of the five neighborhoods of the Marlborough community, and craft an action plan that will transform this potential into a thriving place to grow up, live and work. 

"BNIM's process is effective and inclusive. Their product is thorough, visionary and implementable. And their work reflects a deep commitment to community, economic and environmental considerations."

Make it Right New Orleans

BNIM has been a part of the Make It Right project since it was started in 2007 with the goal to build 150 green, affordable, high-quality homes in the neighborhood closest to the levee breach after Hurricane Katrina. BNIM has developed a single family and duplex home design as well as a segment of the community-wide pilot street design. 

Branson Spirit of 76' Complete Street Plan

Residents, businesses, entertainers, and visitors shared ideas about transforming Highway 76 into a complete street that supports pedestrians, cyclists, transit, and cars.

Fargo Comprehensive Plan and Fiscal Impact Analysis

Fargo updated its comprehensive Plan to lead the city sustainably to the year 2030. The Go2030 plan outlines a vision and strategies for Fargo to prevent flooding, create walkable mixed use centers, and grow sustainably into the future. Residents of Fargo filled the convention hall for public meetings, shared ideas online, and attended a speaker series featuring artists, developers, and historians. 

Tuscaloosa Forward

Working with the people of Tuscaloosa, BNIM and a team of local and national firms developed The Tuscaloosa Forward Strategic Community Plan to help Tuscaloosa emerge from disaster by rebuilding a stronger and more capable city. Hundreds of residents participated in meetings and thousands participated online is a collaborative plan led by BNIM to empower the citizens and the City of Tuscaloosa to guide recovery after the April 27, 2011 tornado.

Manheim Park Redevelopment

Our work in Historic Manheim Park neighborhood dates back to early visioning collaborations initiatied by Brush Creek Community Partners. Our ongoing involvement led to a dynamic partnership to repurpose the historic Bancroft school building, vacant for 10 years. Bancroft school signals a catalytic shift in community revitalization, that began with the residents of Manheim Park boldly claiming a new future.

Greensburg Sustainable Comprehensive Plan

After a tornado destroyed over 90% of this Kansas town in 2007, BNIM worked with teh community of Greensburg to build back better than before. 

Oyate Omniciyè Oglala Lakota Plan

It is the vision of the Oglala Lakota to acknowledge and move on from historical injustices and courageously build healthy, prosperous communities with wisdom, kindness, generosity, and respect for all life, land, water, and air. The Oyate (People), guided by our Youth, are empowered to lead the way to this sustainable future while honoring our culture and history with the revitalization of our Lakota Language.