Kansas City, Missouri Transit-Oriented Development Policy

Kansas City, Missouri Transit-Oriented Development Policy identifies the critical elements of a successful TOD and provides a concise program of initiatives to implement TOD in Kansas City. Several City agencies and departments have existing plans and policies that partially address TOD-related strategies. This TOD Policy will organize these efforts into a cohesive and comprehensive approach that supports the City’s efforts to create walkable, vibrant communities centered on transit. The TOD Policy will provide a foundation to guide both public and private investment at transit stops and along transit corridors. The initiatives in this document range from high-level citywide policy recommendations to specific design standards and the reprioritization of the City’s capital improvement program. The TOD Policy is intended to apply to all potential TOD locations citywide and for all modes of transit (bus, streetcar, and other rail). It is designed to assist with the implementation of existing recommendations in adopted City plans and provide a coherent vision for leveraging transit investments throughout the City. A TOD Policy is an important first step to ensure public transit investments are accompanied by new development and economic activity for several reasons:

  • It creates a broad framework to incorporate TOD policies and principles into existing plans and future plan updates;
  • It guides more detailed planning and dialogue for specific neighborhoods and station areas.
  • It identifies potential barriers to TOD in existing plans and policies and outlines a corrective course of action;
  • It assists in prioritizing capital investments to maximize benefit and leverage limited resources.
  • It facilitates improved coordination of City agencies and departments to support TOD; and,
  • It identifies potential areas to strategically focus investment and development.